Great wishes to all our patrons for the festival of lights! This festival is sweeter and much more joyous as our labor to enhance our platform has borne some great fruits. We are incredibly excited to share the latest updates with our clients. We step into a new support system to improve our client's user experience. Additionally, some new features improve productivity with their amazing functionalities.

Latest feature enhancements

Fine Amount Settings

The Fine Amount Settings page has undergone modification. However, it will not impact existing settings.

Schools can now avail of the following features on the new settings page.

Fixed amount: Configure a specific late fee amount to be added automatically to the fee due until the defined period..

Per day amount: Configure a specific late fee to be added daywise to the fee due until the defined period.

Combo (Fixed and Per Day amount): Configure a fixed late fee for a specific period and from there on, add late fee daywise until the defined period.

Voice SMS

Introducing Voice messages to deliver critical and time-sensitive messages to your school community.

Send messages as

Text to speech

Recorded audio

Recorded audio

Attach audio files

Attach audio files

Schedule and automate voice messages from your MCB communication module.

New Feature Update

Fee Collection Follow up

Unveiling our new and improved feature enables schools to send fee-due reminders to parents through WhatsApp, SMS, or Email as a follow-up process. The same can be viewed in a comprehensive report as a follow-up history.

It is also possible to send follow-up reminders in bulk.

Gallery of Report Cards:

Explore the wide range of report card templates/designs available on MCB for each grade level that caters to all curricula across India and abroad. You can choose a preferred report card template and use it instantly for your organization.

Introducing learning resources sourced globally: Premium and Curated educational content
  • Now access expert-recommended curated and privately licensed content on the MyClassboard content bank.
  • Carefully planned content per recognized educational boards: CBSE, ICSE, IB.
  • Contents are categorized according to their reading difficulty, which improves their search time.
  • Content aligned as per grades, subjects, & curriculum.
  • Real-time resource updates result in the latest and most relevant content, reducing search time.
  • A good mix of text and video resources enables engagement and retention.
Improved MCB Communication Channels

As part of our efforts to build a robust support and training system, we are preparing to revamp our support inbound calls. The upgraded system is designed to ensure improved productivity and efficiency.

Our new consolidated channels of communication are;

Submit a ticket from your MCB login with details of your query.


Send an email to support@myclassboard.in with details of your query.

Slot Booking

Book online training with the Account manager on your preferred date and time.


Reach out to the Relationship manager for any follow-up on existing queries or escalation.


Send a message to your MCB Whatsapp group for quick follow-ups.

Escalations POCs from MCB

Apart from our usual communication channels, reach out to our higher management for a swift resolution to your concern. In addition, you can reach out to them at their respective email addresses concerning your issue.



L1 : Relationship Manager

L2 : Success Head – Ms. Kusuma

L3 : Product Head – Ms Anuradha

L4 : CTO – Mr. Raveendra Choudary Adusumilli

L4 : CEO – Mr Ajay Sakhamuri

Experience the advantages of improved support from the MCB portal!
We have transitioned to a more synchronized support system via our internal MCB portal.

To ensure our clients receive swift resolutions for their concerns, product training, escalations, or Add-on module support, we have assigned specific personnel with appropriate responsibilities to address your requests.

Implementation Manager (IM)

Your POC for the implementation of MCB modules as per the subscription

Roles of an IM during your MCB onboarding journey

Collect, analyze, & upload school data: An implementation manager is responsible for collecting, verifying, & uploading required data to complete the implementation of MCB modules.

Arranging online Training: To schedule online training for an onboarding school.

Coordination on Add-ons: If a school requests additional Addons, an IM is a go-to person to raise such a request. They will initiate the subsequent steps to configure and ensure the implementation of the Add-on for the school.

Data verification and Confirmation: Data shared with MCB for any module configuration passes through IM to verify their required format, legibility, etc.

Go-live Sign-off: To complete the process of onboarding the school, IM coordinates with the schools to validate the configuration to go live with the MCB module applications.

Account Manager

The go-to guy for technical support on your modules

Roles of an AM during your MCB journey
  • Helps in training and support related to ERP modules
  • Pillar of support during and post-implementation stage.
  • Point of contact for all technical assistance on MCB modules.
How to connect with your Account Manager
  • To connect with your account manager for training or system setup support, we request you book a slot for an online meeting.
  • We offer a 30 min training or discussion online to support your proficiency on MCB platform during the scheduled slot.
Relationship Manager

Your primary POC for all your needs

Our relationship managers are equipped with sufficient product knowledge and authority to provide you satisfactory resolution to your concern.

As you onboard the MCB platform, you will receive the details of your relationship manager on your MCB portal.

You can connect with your respective relationship manager on a phone call.

Your Relationship Manager will assist you with;

Booking online trainings

Your Relationship Manager will coordinate with Account Managers to book the training slots (as per availability)


Connect with RM to resolve your Concerns / Tickets faster using slot bookings and quick calls.

Addon modules

They will work with the Addon teams to explain, implement, or support the Addon product.


Your Relationship Manager will coordinate with the concerned team internally to resolve your escalation request as per your satisfaction.