Newsletter ​November 2021

Dear Patrons, innovation is in our hearts as we work to bring some features that will better suit your requirements. Check out some of our latest enhancements & new features to provide you rich experience as you use our applications for daily schooling activities.

Feature Enhancement
Manage staff leaves at the Organization level
Managing staff will be transparent as leaves applied by the branch principal can be approved by the HR manager or System Admin at the organization level.
Explore the new enquiry follow up screen
Managing staff will be transparent as leaves applied by the branch principal can be approved by the HR manager or System Admin at the organization level.
Speedy update of Co-scholastic grades
We have made it possible for the school management to save the co-scholastic grades of all students within a class at a time.
New authorization settings to enter Scholastic grades
The latest feature, in scholastic grade, empowers schools to restrict or allow a class teacher to mark for all subjects or only specific subjects.
A new feature in Timetable scheduling
The new timetable will showcase all the available subjects for a class which would help the schools schedule and edit them as required.
Period-wise attendance entry
In the new feature, a class teacher will be allowed to mark attendance only for a subject, which they are assigned. The assigned subject attendance can be noted or edited anytime in the day.
Improved formats for leave requests & approval emails
Users can now manage their leave requests and approval emails in a new layout. We have also added an Action button that will allow the reporting manager to approve the leave request emails without login into MCB.
The latest release notes of MCB Smart School Apps 1.8.5
New and intuitive UI
Find follow-up option for enquires and applications
This latest app version allows the upload of pre-admission documents.
We have heightened the visibility of student forms
Now, with the selection of specific users at the branch level, we have enhanced the visibility of student forms. Multiple entries in the student form will allow the user to have a clear record of data captured from time to time.
New Feature Addition
My Attendance
This new feature will help track the attendance of school staff, as their attendance summary, day-wise attendance with entire time log details recorded in the school MCB portal. With this feature, users can also apply for leaves.

Team-wise attendance is accessible from the team’s attendance tab, which notes details such as leaves, on-time entry, late entry or WFH, etc.
My Peers
Under the My Peers tab, school employees can find other employees with the same designation in the organization.
Exam Cell
Creating a question paper would be super easy with a blueprint. Teachers can access the blueprint to prepare the question paper & send it for review to the coordinator/ the principal. Approved question papers can be printed or published online as online summative exams in a defined schedule.

The questions identified as exam questions are visible only to the approved teachers, the principal, and the system admin for top-notch confidentiality.
Select teachers to prepare question papers.
Keep a strict vigil on the confidentiality of question papers by mapping your preferred teachers to specific exam preparation.