November 2020


Optimisation, Addition, Enhancement

Technology is making it feasible for teachers and young learners to engage in positive learning amidst the pandemic. It is indeed remarkable to see instructors applying their best efforts to adapt and reinvent teaching styles to virtual teaching format. We are witnessing teaching that is just as compassionate and effective for students.
We at MCB have been functioning to make the experience for teachers and students better each day. Though there is a long time before life goes back to normal and students and teachers can reunite, we are here to beautify the journey.

Feature Updates & Enhancements

  • Parents can download the issued Bonafide and Study certificates from their login. These certificates are easy and effortless to generate and will be stored for future references..
  • Added Gender column in Online Classes Report (ZOOM) along with Joined and Not Joined Students’ Details. This helps to identify students’ gender and look into the gender stats at a glance..
  • Revamped the UI and enhanced the print output of Principal Daily Report to improve the presentation and the interactivity of the web or mobile application..

  • Export Marks Entry Status Report to Excel and/or print the report.This reduces the manual workload as all data exported with no manual work..
  • Improved view of Announcements in Branch Admin, Principal, and a Teacher login. View announcements in a list for the last seven days, thirty days, and between a range. Easy Announcement </b.navigation with next and previous buttons on top of the announcement.
  • Schedule Email Alerts organisation wise for Staff Concerns. Users can give recipient Email IDs manually, and email is sent with Open, Closed, and In-Progress concerns, branch wise and concern type-wise count. Concerns help to address and escalate important issues with no delay.
  • We enhanced the Parent login UI, navigation of Announcements, Photogallery, and Assignments to make you experience and interface more user friendly.
  • Generate Enquiry Report for all or selected classes. These reports help in analysing the type, source, etc. of the enquiry.
  • Generate Staff Profile Card in Staff Search against staff name. Learn more about staff by looking at the profile card.
  • Change in TC Request Flow. ‘Send TC/LC Request’ is saved as ‘YES’ by default for Coordinators assigned to the class. To avoid sending the request approval save as ‘NO’ against the coordinator. In the absence of a Coordinator or when the request is set as ‘NO’, the Principal receives the request. Improved flow for quicker approval of TC requests.
  • Improved Staff Tasks Entry UI to facilitate one-by-one task reporting for the selected date/week/ month. This boosts staff productivity as staff finishes more tasks in a lesser amount of time with a clear knowledge of tasks being accomplished. And, the supervisor can review tasks performed by the staff.
  • Know the productivity of the staff by Generating Staff Tasks Reports for selected months and tasks.
Hope you are as thrilled as we are to experience the new and improved characteristics. Let us know how you like it! We assure you to support you with our best effort. See you next month with more cool stuff!

Team MCB.