November 2022 Newsletter

Dear Patrons,

As we are moving towards welcoming a new year, excitement is soaring high, hoping the coming year will be as exciting as 2022. It has been a successful year with many remarkable changes introduced in our product for ease of productivity and efficiency. As schools demand, we ensure we meet their expectations with the highest satisfaction. In line with that, we present a quick note on the latest changes that have come up in our product.


Latest feature enhancements

Notify important updates with email notification

Now schools can send reminders or updates to their branch stakeholders by email. For example, notify about Fee Payments; Staff Leaves intimations, Access Enquiries, Gate pass requests, Transport, Staff contact & Payroll details, or even intimate report card generation.

Student Leave Email Notifications

The class teacher and class coordinator will now receive the student leave notification along with the email address that has been updated to match the student leave notification mail addresses at Branch Email Notifications.


Manage Staff Leaves

Enable or disable carrying forward of staff leaves to the next month. Enable the setting as “Yes” to allow the carrying forward of leaves.


Easily update any staff details.

Witness enhanced user experience with easy access to staff details for any updates. Use filters for faster and more specific access to staff details. Additionally, find more fields to update personal details.


Staff leave approvals and User Settings

Users from a specific Organization, Zone, and Branch can enable/ disable leave approval rights from their User settings page.

As per the new updates, apart from the principal, reporting manager, and HR manager, the users for whom the leave approval rights are given can also approve the leaves of Teaching, Non-teaching, and Transport staff.

Additionally, the system admin can manage the leave approval rights separately for teaching, non-teaching, and transport staff as per the user’s role.

When a staff applies for leave, a mail is sent by default to the principal, reporting manager, HR manager, and the users who have been provided with the rights to approve or reject the leave requests.


Changes in Staff Attendance Shifts

  • Categorize shifts based on working hours


Create and assign shifts as per staff’s working hours. Employees whose work hour shifts are not specified may report for duty at any moment during the working day.


  • Seamlessly create Shifts and Weekoffs for staff

Schools can easily update the weekly-offs against the session under the manage week-off tab.


Staff Biometric Attendance Modifications

With the latest provision, schools can now update staff attendance as “Late with Present or Late with Absent,” depending on the shift timings assigned to the staff.


Student details –Modified the view for Professional colleges

Now streamline your search for student details for colleges as per “All Courses,” “All Course Years,” and “All Sections,” along with showcasing Student Batch, Student mobile, and Student Email ID.


Experience hassle-free Custom Enquiry/ Application form creation
  • Addition of system-defined fields, default groups, and custom fields provides super clarity for faster form creation.
  • Now, schools can add preferred fields of medical details and vaccination status from the provided master list.
  • Create two new data types with the selection of Yes or No, while creating custom fields. With appropriate settings, the system shows ‘No’ as the default selection, and when the user selects ‘Yes,’ the system will ask for the input in a textbox and vice versa.
  • The single-parent option is now available as a system default field. Settings as “Yes” for the option mandatorily captures respective parent details against a student.

New Print formats for Custom Enquiry/Application forms

Schools can choose the new print format with Application form Custom, which has enhanced features like having father/ mother photos alongside student medical details.


New feature options in Custom Application/Enquiry Forms

Find the latest features for inquiry/application forms at the Branch level in Custom Application / Enquiry Forms


  1. Validate Indian mobile numbers with an OTP triggered by MCB to the admission enquirer.
  2. Disable online application fee payment by notifying parents with a relevant message.
  3. Schools can also fill out the offline application fee deposit details online and generate a receipt.
  4. Schools can now add Youtube Video URLs in custom inquiry/application forms as school promotional videos.

New "Feetypewise Ledger" report

With the new “Feetypewise Ledger” report, schools can see only a single fee-type receipt collection between the selected date ranges. The Collection Account column remains for school use in the day sheets format.


Expenses Management

Get ease with the option to add mention details of Debit or Credit at branch level under Cash and Bank Balances. In addition, schools can choose rupee/dollar per the Branch’s currency settings.


Improved Inventory Interface

Now experience improved UI for Inventory items creation and listing of items clearly under categories and subcategories.