May 2022 Newsletter

We bring you the latest developments on our ERP application, which are focused on enhancing your education experience and ensuring a joy ride with constant engagement, intellectual satisfaction, & productive schooling. Check our latest newsletter to know exciting new changes on our application.

Feature Enhancements

Improved flexibility for schools in Other Exam
Exam creation
  • Now choose class-wise creation or class group-wise exam creation through a single screen.
  • Find the created exam by selecting the academic year or class from the drop-down menu.
  • View created exams or add new exams, class-wise or group-wise, through the Manage Exams tab.
  • Use a default grading scale or customize your own under the Manage Grading Scale tab.
  • Check the Academic Group assigned to a school branch under the Academic Class Groups tab.
Marks entry screen
  • Enter marks class-wise or class group-wise on a single page.
  • Check Other Exams Marks Entry Dashboard for exam list, marks entry status, student count, check marks button, or view analysis button.
  • Upon clicking on the marks button, proceed to add marks based on class-wise or Class group-wise exams.

The latest changes bring a clear understanding of Other Exams Analysis Reports and Other Exams Comprehensive Reports instead of many different reports.

Define section strength through the organization module

Schools can define section strength group-wise or house group-wise by using an organization module.

Map skill subjects to the Master subject in the Gradebook module

Avoid mapping subjects and master skills in gradebook structure step up, but it can be done while creating a new subject.

Set up Gradebook structure through easy steps

Stepwise instructions allow quick Gradebook structure set up with the smooth execution of test creation, marks/grades entry, and report card generation. In addition, users can stop and save the setting at any step to continue later.

The structure can be created at the branch level as per preference, and the created structure will be visible to all branches.

Schools can now manage terms, parts, evaluations, evaluation percentages, exam types and percentages, term percentages, and subjects of the selected branch & structure on a single screen.

Find convenience in Gradebook skills
  • We have combined scholastic and co-scholastic skills management under Gradebook skills.
  • Master skills and Subject skills are now segregated into different tabs in scholastic skills. Schools can create new skills or add pre-available skills.
  • Now manage master skills and corresponding grading scale on the same screen.
Re-order items from the school store
  • With the latest changes, parents have the provision to re-order school uniforms and book kits from their web login.
Host of enhancements in Hostel module
  • Schools can now simultaneously generate gate passes for all the students in a section.
  • Now it is possible to reallocate several students from one hostel to another hostel based on availability.
  • We have added a provision for schools to publish notifications for all students to vacate the hostel.
  • Generate a report with the person’s username allocating the bed to students.
  • Schools are now empowered to maintain discipline by updating absentees in hostel attendance.
  • Hostel consumables can be customized with easy edit options.
  • A time-based report on items purchased from one or multiple vendors can be generated in the hostel module. The report details items purchased in quantity, price, the amount spent and remarks.
Franchisee module
  • For the school’s convenience, we have added the option to fetch franchisee details in an excel file.
  • Also, the recent enhancements display city details along with other information in the franchisee module.
  • Find franchisee code to be renamed as Franchise enquiry code.
  • A prompt email notification will be sent to BDMs when the franchisee uploads documents.
  • Now schools will have an option for excel export in the Student Wise Royalty Dues Report.
  • An additional filter has been added to generate royalty dues reports based on fee types.
  • For the franchise enquiry form, India is set as the default country.
One step closer to convenience with deletion of evaluation in Gradebook

With the latest enhancements, find an option for deletion for the assessment in Gradebook structure creation, given that there are no test marks, general remarks, subject remarks, & subject reflections.

Financial year prefix in receipt no.

Generate receipt numbers with the year prefix mentioned. If receipt numbers are not available, then system-generated receipt no is considered. Or if receipt numbers are available, then actual receipt no will be generated as per receipt number ranges.

Another level of Admission approval post-registration

Now an additional layer of approval by the principal and the head office confirms admission. Remarks are captured and presented in the admission report.

Visitor Dashboard revamp
  • Today’sToday’s visitors:
    Log entries of daily visitors to the school. There is a new provision to generate visitor slips without additional approvals.
  • Visitors on campus:
    Show the purpose of visitors as vendors, new admission visitors, & other visitors to visit the campus. At exit time, the visitor remark gets updated on the screen.
  • Parent on campus:
    Capture the purpose of the parent visit and update the same as they leave the campus.
  • Today’sToday’s gate pass:
    Generate a list of staff and students leaving the campus with approval remarks.
  • Student/staff outside campus:
    Create a list of students and staff leaving separately with appropriate approval remark capture.
  • Month wise summary:
    Each month, generate a comprehensive visitor report.
  • Vendors management:
    Monitor registered vendors and add new vendors from the same screen.
  • Approvals as a new Menu:
    Find a new approval menu to manage pre-approved gate passes & visitors.
  • Reports:
    Generate reports on visitors and gate passes issued within a selected timeline.
  • The email notifications:
    Now, schools will not miss any entry, approvals, or exit of visitors with prompt email notifications to the appropriate team.
Explore New Features in Designation Dashboard in the HR module

Schools can now maintain a clear designation hierarchy of their staff on MCB. Assign or unassign staff to reporting managers based on the appropriate hierarchy from the same screen.

Detailed steps for staff creation

The latest developments allow schools to add details of their staff education and experience, upload certificates, and print and email appointment letters with easy to follow steps.

Use a new message template on Whatsapp.

Shootout engaging messages on Whatsapp with new templates for events, examinations, and PTMs.

Arrange books in the library with new details

Now schools can rearrange books online with a sub-category in their digital library for better access.

Revamped TC design

We have upgraded the TC certificate to include the hall ticket number of students for easy capture of details when required.

GR number in Transfer Certificate Report

We have included the GR number in the school’s Transfer Certificate Report with the latest upgrade..

Improve Aptitude Test in Gradebook module

We have enhanced the aptitude test feature, which is now available for all classes and all education boards. Schools can feel the ease of use with test marks entry, report cards, and analysis reports all on one screen.

Users have the liberty to enter marks aptitude test-wise or student-wise along with remarks.

The new analysis report is designed to bring more insight into a student’s performance at a class level. Even schools can print aptitude report cards for individual students or in bulk.


Enable easy update of photo album

Authorize coordinators to update photo galleries by quickly granting them access to photo album links.

Changed access to edit student details

We have changed the access to edit admission dates in student search with the latest changes, which will now be done only by school admins.

Improved Transport Dashboard

The improved dashboard will show details of available reports, bus number, vehicle type, assigned driver’s name & mobile number, seating capacity, students allocated for the route, and the available seats.

In a separate tab, find details of Class wise Fee receivable, Route Wise fee receivable, The transport fee plans assigned to each class, class-wise students available on each route, and Transport fee paid and due report.

Assign bus routes to students

In a specific route assigned to students, analyze the report to show transport fee assigned, routes designated or possible ways. It is also possible to assign fee plans to the routes from the same screen.

Transport Incharge MIS report

Route-wise start meter reading and end meter reading are two of the latest additions in the transport in-charge MIS report.

New Feature Addition

New Finance Report Beta in Finance module

The new Finance Report Beta generates intuitive & comprehensive reports faster. Optimize columns in reports with new sorting options and advanced filters. It also allows schools to customize notifications and access them anytime.

Explore Staff Feedback and Praises

Similarly, reporting managers can praise deserving staff members with special badges. Fellow peers can praise or add comments on colleagues from the dashboard. Reporting managers can reply to the remarks posted by staff members.