March 2022 Newsletter

Keeping up with the requirements of the schools, we make essential changes in our platform that empower teaching and learning. Our innovations allow our clients to experience unmatched schooling. Check out our latest updates & features to understand how they will improve user activity!

New Feature Addition

Receiving Account

Make payment screen now has a "receiving account" option and one default Cash account for each school branch. Corporate banks are required for the rest of the payment modes and are mandatory to maintain in MCB. Fee accounts should be mapped under respective bank accounts.

Feature Enhancements


Use the "QR Code" option in Swipe Mode Payment Entry

Now users can make payments using "QR Code" in addition to Credit Card and Debit Card Swipe Payment. Approve QR code scanned payments in the Swipe machine with a unique Approval code.

New library barcodes format

Generate library barcodes with the size 210mm X 297mm and the organization name on top of the code.

JEE MAINS got enhanced

Quite a lot of features enhance JEE Mains preparations;

  1. A negative integer with a single value is not acceptable for the question type.
  2. Now users can jumble the questions.
  3. Easily map exams to intended sections.
  4. Included the provision to add Grace Marks in case of wrong questions or wrong key creation.
  5. Add wise question analysis in the Report.
  6. Utilize the JEE Exams Question bank to assign questions.  
  7. Now find subject wise-marks, rank, topper marks, exam marks, rank, & topper marks in the parent portal report card. 

Click on the “Run Analysis” button to generate a list of toppers and ranks in the parent portal report card.

View fee transactions in the mobile app

Now find the updated MCB Common Parent app to show all academic year transactions in the View transaction screen.

JEE MAINS got enhanced

Changes in the student promoting screen

  1. Tab wise view for; Promotion Dashboard/ All student List/ Academic Promoted Students/ Finance Promoted Students/ View Promotion Log. 
  2. Now Promotions or Demotions are possible from the “All Student List” tab. 
  3. Promotion Effective date is mandatory for Academic Promotion and reflection of student details in Attendance Screen and Student Strength Reports.
  4. The “Academic Promoted Students” tab will list all the academic promoted students, with action to revert possible only from the same screen. 
  5. The “Finance Promoted Students” tab will list all the finance promoted students, and any action for revert can be taken from the same screen. 
  6. The “View Promotion Log Details” tab holds a log for Promotion.

Enhanced Student RFID Attendance report

The latest student RFID attendance report will have details of late arrivals, early leaving, & student movement register.

Online Objective Exam Analysis

Details like student admission number, roll number, & sorting option are added in the online objective exam analysis.

Student Detail Report

With the latest update, we have organized the essential data like Month-on-month student strength, gender-wise list, school transport, Vs own vehicle, student birthdays, and student leaders in different tabs for better understanding.

Student leaders can be listed by assigning leadership responsibilities to the student by clicking on the icon against the student enrollment code in the student's list tab.

Digital books

We have made it possible to upload digital books and update its URL for specific classes in the Library module. In addition, students can log in to digital books through Web and Mobile Apps.

Added details in Fee concession report

Now view fee concession details tab wise; Fee types, Grade wise, Fee type and installment wise, Concessions by dates, Concessions status wise.