We are incredibly excited to bring you the latest enhancements made to our product!

June - July 2021 Newsletter

Student Monthly Attendance Report

We have made it more efficient for schools to track absentees with absent and present percentages and total strength.

Increased Student Email ID Length

Now creating a student email ID is no more difficult as we have increased it to 100 characters. You can find the changes in the Update Student Details and Edit Student Details pages

Subject Skills

The addition of sequence numbers would be helpful to match master skills while creating a subject skill.

Inactive Report

We have made a designated column to show the current student status in the report, which would be helpful during multiple activations and reactivations of student details.


Student Search Made Easy

Student search is easy with the latest edition of Student Unique Numbers and previous school details.

Also, it is more accessible now to Search Student Achievements for all academic years or specific academic years with the addition of grades and sections of the student.

With our improvisation in the communication log, schools can now find announcements and diary logs at intervals of seven days, 30 days, or the present day.


Promptly Send PTM Schedule to Parents

Make a quick invite for PTM, as you can now send a mobile notification to parents.


Addressing Parent Concerns in a better way

We have a new provision for parents to raise Monthly Fee Change Requests on their Parent Web Login.

We have added an option to forward concerns to the next level for schools, based on concern type.

Find the respective flow of options to forward concerns as below;

  • The Class teacher can relay the concerns to the Principal and other users at the branch.
  • The branch users can forward the concerns to the Principal
  • The Principal can forward the concern to the zonal access users and Organization access users.
  • The Zonal Access users can forward the concern to the Organization access users.
  • The Organization access users cannot forward the concerns further and should close the matter at their level.

In all this, parents still have an option to escalate their concerns to the next level users.

Explore new additions to WhatsApp with Two Way Communication

Now school’s can enable or disable two-way communication on WhatsApp. If schools chose to disable the setting, parent’s will not receive reply messages from school’s in response to their message for the latest updates.

Reach out to your Schools account manager for enabling/disabling two way communication.


Teachers can correct assignments online via web login

Our latest addition of annotation feature to JPEG & PDF files will help teachers correct online assignments in web login and the same on the smart school app.
Now correct, save, update files, give feedback and record marks entirely online.


Subjects and Content Management

We have made it possible to delete the content while copying just the subject in the subject creation screen. Then, a prompt confirms the user action either to copy or to delete the previous year content along with the selected subject.

Now avoid repeated content in learning, a question bank, or a teaching plan and organize better.


Discover whats new in Online Objective Exams

In Schools user login:

We have two new additions to Online Objective Exams;
First, find changes to create online objective exams with multiple subjects except for languages which have to be conducted separately.

Secondly, it is now possible only to create an online objective exam for one class at a time and not for multiple courses together.

In Parent/student Login:

The addition of the latest filter will show the Completed and Not completed the status of the selected Online Objective.


Easily Update Student details

Additional fields to capture and update student details is undoubtedly going to help a lot. For example, we have added fields to gather both Father and Mother employer details and their employment grade in the parents income tab.

Under the Government unique code tab, find new fields for resident card numbers & electric code details as the latest additions. Also, as we understand the need to mention the CBSE Registration number and Hall ticket number, find new fields under the Student Hall tickets tab.

The latest version of the MCB Parent App (Android & iOS) is out now with enhanced security!

We are happy to release a new version of the MCB Android & iOS Parent app with enhanced security. For any issues with the android app, we advise you to clear the Play Store cache and update the app. For information on how to clear Play Store cache, visit: https://tinyurl.com/8uku7jfe


Parent App iOS with new user interface

Explore the new user interface in Common Parent App with updated, swift language(5.0). Find few more valuable changes such as; ably for Notifications, maintain Student Health Details, & upload Student Documents to the Digital Document Library.
Dont miss to check out the latest updates in the Learning Module too.

New Feature In MCB

Subject Reflections Record and Report

Users can create subject reflections with; Subject Reflection Category, Sub Categories, and Grading Scale Creation.
For record-keeping, Admin/Teachers can choose chapters, topics and enter either Grade, Remarks, or evidence to be uploaded against the Reflection Category and Sub Category for an evaluation/ term. Parents can do their bit to upload the evidence against the same categories and update their observations from the parent login. (Available now only on Web)
For proper reporting, users can create detailed reports that include Reflection Categories, Subcategories, Grades, remarks, and evidence uploaded by the teachers and parents for all or individual students and parents for their ward.
Users can access the same by following;
LMS New Version -> Learning Based Assessments -> Subject Reflections