June 2022 Newsletter

The latest development in our platform is part of our efforts to support the dynamic requirements of the schools to create an engaging learning environment. Your continued support with practical feedback led us to enhance our platform and move closer to our mission. Check out the latest developments on our platform to understand how it benefits your usage.

Feature Enhancements

Security field changes in visitor management
  • The latest changes have increased the number of allowed visitors from 3 to 5 while generating a visitor pass.
  • From here on, updating ID card information while printing visitor passes is not mandatory.
  • Now schools can capture vendor GST number and address while entering the school.
  • Staff gate passes may detail personal or official visits as a reason for the visit.
New filter addition in inventory fields
  • We have enabled schools to edit details of items issued through inventory if required.
  • Schools can now quantify issuing items with decimal numbers too. 
Extend your staff compensatory leaves

Compensatory leaves are the latest enhancements in our platform, which can be availed by the staff who have worked on holidays. Principals and reporting managers are the authorized persons to accept the leave request.

Student address in Google Maps

In our latest provision, schools can upload and generate a student’s location along with details of longitude and latitude for all the students in a branch. For convenience, users can export reports to excel.

Finance report merging

Users, please note the “Total Paid and Due Report Fee Ledger” from the Reports menu, but you can still find the same in Due Reports.

Also, note that the GST settings have been moved to the Fee Management Menu.

The latest changes have also moved the “Fee Plan details Report” to “Fee Receivables Reports”.

In a new log report tab, find the following log reports;

  • Student Change Fee Plan Log
  • Fee Un-assign / Change Request Report Log
  • Fine Amount Modification Log
  • Fee Edit details Log
  • Update Fee Payment Details Log

Feature Update in cash account

We have updated the cash account feature with new provisions to create multiple Cash Accounts in the Corporate Banks Screen.

Mapping the fee accounts against those Cash Accounts will allow the Cash Accounts to be displayed under “Receiving Account” in the "Make Payment" Screen while making the Cash receipt entries. Please note that the Receiving Account selection is mandatory to pass the Receipt entry in the Make Payment Screen..

Presenting a new module: Mont & PP Assessments in LMS

Capture students learning progress daily

Benefit from learning-based assessments as teachers can capture students’ learning levels in individual subjects daily. In addition, teachers and parents can track student progress by defining criteria in the grading scale. Also, generate reports for specific dates on a weekly or monthly basis for particular insights.

New filter addition in inventory fields

Now it is possible to update teachers’ and parents’ reflections on student progress, as it is captured through different grade criteria. Now teachers and parents together can engage in students learning.