June 2021 Newsletter

Hope you all are in the process of getting vaccinated and keeping safe and well while at it. Like always, we are back with this month’s monthly feature additions and updates.

What's New?


Push Notifications to Mobile App

Static Notifications is a new feature in our Communication module that aims to help users send various fee & academics related notifications to parent's mobile.

We came up with this feature as we realised the DLT registration and approval of SMS templates' each time was becoming more of an inconvenience to our clients.


New Version for Android Users

Bug fixed in the Android 11 version. And, a new feature addition to record student's health details and history.

Feature Enhancements


Online Objective Exams

You can also assign 0.5 marks for questions in the Question Bank. This helps to calculate the result based on allocated marks for questions.


Send Login Details via SMS, Do Quick Student Search

Each student will bear a UniqueID/GR Number along with Enrolment Code & Admission Number which will be sent with the login details via SMS. This GR Number will help users to make a quick search.


Experience Smart Layout in the Parent Portal

A new design has been rolled out for smoother navigation and we've also made more refinements for parents and students.


Upload Learning Resources

Instructors can now add audio files as a learning resource besides text files, videos and web URLs against each topic.


Enabling Subject Teachers with Autonomy

Subject teachers can now add questions to the Question Bank, create Online Exams, and generate Reports for the classes and subjects assigned to them.