July 2022 Newsletter

It is a constant activity at MCB to enhance our platform to suit the dynamic requirements of our users. In this direction, we have introduced an exciting feature that provides our users with live instructions and support for a productive experience on our platform. We hope the new feature offers our users a wonderful experience with improved efficiency.

We are excited to receive your feedback on our latest features.

Introducing Self Help

We are happy to introduce the Self Help feature on our platform for a seamless user experience.

The Self Help feature will provide in-app guidance and support for every module & feature by highlighting the usage benefits and providing live instructions for navigation to improve proficiency and productivity across various modules on our platform.

MCB Users will now be able to understand the features of our modules through
  • Interactive workflow guides
  • Access the knowledge base directly via the Self-help button
  • Receive helpful information or reminders as pop-ups
  • Complete essential tasks to unlock the full benefits of a module
  • Receive helpful feature updates and changes via on-screen beacon alerts

Feature enhancements​

Access organization reports with clarity

Our latest enhancement gives enhanced user type-wise menu reports with improved clarity on its accessibility for every user in organization reports. Cash Accounts in the Corporate Banks Screen.

Schools entrusted with login credentials of parents/students

Schools now have the accessibility to student/parent login credentials in a report, so they can intervene when issues with the credentials arise.

New concession type for finance

For the user's convenience, we have added "installment wise" as a new concession type under manual mode. This feature allows admin/accountants to choose concessions against preferred installments manually.

Fine Amount Settings

We are introducing the Fine amount settings to detail any day-wise fine amounts between any given date range.

Discover a new page as CoScholastic Grades

To streamline your activities in a much better way, find a new tab for each of the new information, such as

  • Assign CoScholastic skills
  • CoScholastic skills for teacher 
  • CoScholastic Grade entry 
  • Upload CoScholastic Grades 
  • CoScholastic Grade entry (Descriptive Indicator)
We have organized subskills and grading scales as individual tabs in CoScholastic Grades.

Single branch schools can only edit the subskills and grades from the principal login. At the same time, a multi-branch school can edit the subskills and grades from the system admin login. In addition, branch admins & teachers have a view-only option.