January 2022 Newsletter

E-learning is rapidly expanding and evolving to become the top choice for educators & learners alike. It has brought outstanding results concerning better delivery of learning resources, student engagement, & improvement in learning retention.

MCB believes in staying up-to-date on the current trends and requirements of schools. We keep challenging ourselves to improvise, and our team is constantly at its toe to bring you the enhancements for the best possible experience. Stepping into this new year, we leave the tough times of pandemic behind to see a hopeful future of education that s made possible with innovation.

Feature Enhancement

Staff recruitment form

Schools can now print staff recruitment forms with all necessary details.

Renewed Staff dashboard

School’s now find a revamped staff dashboard with staff, students, and self-details. Access details on student leave, update their attendance, & diary entry right from the dashboard.

Update student detail

Schools can add student details if they are specially-abled, single-child, or minority.

Other exam analysis reports

New enhancements let schools see details of Father and Mother phone numbers with other particulars in all formats of other exam analysis reports.

Online Assignments

Be more productive as we have included some enhancements for online assignments;

  • Student login:

    We bring more flexibility for students as they can now edit their assignments until the due date. Also, the file upload limit has increased to 25MB. Students can support their work with multiple file uploads.

  • School login:

    Schools have the provision to extend the assignment due date. Also, note the assignment date and time of submission in a report.

More insights through the pre-admissions report

Get details of the amount collected during the admission registration process in the pre-admission report.

Exam cell and online summative exams

  • Student exam log:

    Note the complete history of student interaction during the exam including, exam start time, IP address to lock and unlock the exam, & exam end time.

  • Invigilator interface:

    Invigilators can check the total number of students taking the exam while noting their status as in progress, yet to start, or completed. Invigilators have access to the exam paper to assist students over chat.

  • Exam cell:

    The exam cell has the authority to assign invigilators. Also, to extend the time for specific students in a published exam.

Streamline recruitments

  • Manage HR vacancies:

    We have added the subject drop-down list and removed department, designation, and qualification fields. Now, the subject can be mentioned on the same page.

  • Staff recruitment details, resume, & URL:

    In the latest enhancement, find subject drop-downs with no more department, designation, and qualification fields. It is now possible to maintain staff qualification details with scores for B.ED, M.ED, CTET.

  • Staff recruitments online exams:

    We have added the subject drop-downs and removed departments as schools schedule the online exams.

Improvised the student search

Now search student details with their roll number, as assigned in the student search profile.

New Feature Update

Fine amount modification report

Log details of fine amount modifications with dates & reasons noted down uniformly in a new detailed report.

Invoice system

The new invoice system has the following features to simplify your work;

  • Generate quarterly or monthly invoices
  • Invoice is only visible on the payment screen to the accountant and parents.
  • The excess amount paid by the parents will mark as advance payment, which can be adjusted in the next invoice.
  • Schools can generate quarter invoices and collect the amount for the particular quarter only through the invoice system.