January 2021 Newsletter

Hey Patron,

Happy 2021. The past year was full of unanticipated events, and we managed to stare
straight in the face of fear, uncertainty, randomness and chaos of all kinds. We faced it not
only with courage but also adapted as needed. As are now reopening, we’ve been updating
our platform with new and improved features for smoother functioning.

MyClassboard’s new updates & enhancements

Understand how students progress

Step up student progress tracking with Baseline Analysis. Record student’s learning at the time of joining to understand progress over time.
Track student progress for every chapter with Learning-Based Assessments Which has proven to be highly beneficial for pre-primary and Montessori.


Easily access student achievement records

Schools can maintain a clear record of individual and team achievements in categories such as Sports, Co-Curricular, Fine Arts, Celebrity and others with student/staff details and photos.


Nurture the voters and leaders within students

Encourage students to actively participate in elections by conducting digital elections by sharing voting slips and links. Schools are where kids can learn responsible for voting and being a good leader.


Appreciate your staff’s presence

Let your staff know that you value their association with your organisation by wishing them on their work anniversaries. This is now possible with automated email alerts.


Collect important information

If you are not using Student Forms, now is the time to start! Student Forms lets you collect data from parents and students. All you have to do is add a Student Form and choose who your audience is and display it only to them.


Keep a close track on the little ones

Schools can report student’s daily classroom activities to parents from time-to-time with Daily Log Menus which can now be found under the Communication module. This feature is highly beneficial for pre-primary and Montessori schools as teachers need to record kid’s entire day’s activities.


Never miss sending important information

Notify parents and point of contact about student’s admission status so we help schools to send SMS & Email. Teachers can keep track of notes, videos, files and links shared with students and their view count for a given time period using LMS Usage Statistics Report.

Check out the new features and let us know how you like them. Here’s to another year with MyClassboard!

MyClassboard’s new updates & enhancements