A flashback of the year 2022

Dear Patrons,

We wish you a very happy 2023!

The year 2022 was a whirlwind with many exciting changes and enhancements introduced in our products and support services, which extended our clients a best-in-class experience of school ERP software. Improvisation is an essential part of growth. For MCB, improvisation was spread across the entire 2022 and helped us to renew our product features and support services in line with the fast pace of the EdTech field.

With your extended trust in us, we hope to excel in our vision to reach many more schools with the latest technological advancements in education.

Here is a quick recap for you to browse through our milestones in 2022


2022 highlights

Our MCB family grew by 220 new schools, who joined our platform to accelerate their digital transformation.


Renewed customer support system

To address the challenges with our multi-channel support system, we introduced a single-ticketing channel to handle all your concerns in a standardized Turnaround Time specified as per the ticket classification.

It allowed us to address: Quick doubts, Quick setups, Addon support, and Detailed support with minimum time delay.


Additionally, we ensured that our clients had hassle-free access to check the status of their open tickets.

24/7 Self-Help Assistant

To guide clients with comprehensive instructions related to product features and functionality, we launched an Orange Self-Help option in our MCB portal.

The Self Help assistant guides users through the following

  • Interactive workflow guides
  • Access the knowledge base directly
  • Receive helpful information or reminders as pop-ups
  • Receive useful feature updates and changes via on-screen beacon alerts


New Helpline Number

We launched a new dedicated support helpline number to provide unwavering product support to all our clients. In addition, it enabled our clients to reach out to their dedicated Account Managers quickly.


Launched Premium and Curated Content Bank

To enrich students’ knowledge with premium and specially curated content, we introduced a digital library with exhaustive educational content recommended by experts worldwide.

We received outstanding feedback on our exhaustive digital resources, which were time-saving means for teachers to plan their lessons and bring credible resources to their classrooms. Results from leading schools proved that it boosted their productivity by at least 40% with a mix of text and video content.


Introduction of support packages

To extend you satisfactory support from our end concerning online training, error fixing while setting up some features, direct calls to the account manager for product support, etc., we released a comprehensive support package that gives advantages like

  • Real-time assistance via remote training
  • Find help for common questions
  • Quick setup in an online call
  • Faster resolution of Product bugs
  • Connect with RM or AM directly

Fintech partnerships for student loans

Our outstanding feature of providing students with financial support through interest-free Student Loans was applauded as many students could support their dreams of the highest quality education without undue financial burden.

Our platform was the leading choice of renowned Fintech companies to extend their financial services to students at convenient installment plans.

Gmail authentication of students and parents

We enabled students, parents, and school staff to save their Google Account credentials (personal or with school domain) on the MCB portal, which could be used as an alternative credential to login into their MCB profile.

Your convenience to schooling without interruption motivated us to enable the Google Authentication feature.

New Addon tools

To keep up with the requirements of 21st-century schools, supporting tools that bring efficiency to school functioning were integrated into our platform. Click to Call, Voice messages, IVRS boost not just the Admission module, but it is useful to communicate critical information related to transport, finance, etc.