February 2022 Newsletter

Our constant feature updates focus on providing solutions for everyday schooling activities while keeping up with the latest learning trends. A constant R&D is part of our efforts to give the best out of our ERP solution to the schools. Our tech team devises a perfect infusion of technology to improve the experience of our users and the functionality of the product. We bring our latest feature enhancements to boost your academic excellence.

Feature Enhancement

Online Summative Exams

Our latest feature addition allows teachers to send the online exam to the principal or coordinator for review. The assigned person can suggest changes or publish a paper in the student portal.

Teachers can enable in-writing against specific questions in the exam. It allows students to write answers on the screen using various formatting options and submission of the answer sheet.

New Barcode dimensions released.

Now generate a barcode in the dimensions of 6.4cm to 3.4cm for library books.


Highlight the name of staff who handled the student admission in the student record & plan a proper incentive structure.

Upgraded the enquiries and follow up screen for Franchisee

We have upgraded the franchisee enquiries form screen, and a follow-up feature addition allows for tracking the status of enquiries.

Staff salary statement

Categorize your staff salary statement department-wise or as a whole for better understanding.

Make everything clear as Students get a promotion.

Maintain transparency in students' fee details as they proceed forward in a new class.

New details in student TC

We have added a provision to show student GR numbers in the TC approval screen and other details, which can be searched in the TC approval screen.

New barcode for inventory

We have enhanced the format for inventory barcodes as now the organization's name appears on top of the code.

The Student Report reflects more information.

Now student GR number is represented in Term wise analysis report & Report card analysis report.


The salary generation screen has been added with new information of staff joining date additional to earlier details.

Staff assessment report

We have provisioned to showcase the staff's department and designation in the assessment report.

Alumni student detail

Filter alumni students' classes wisely through a single branch or multiple branches while generating alumni student reports.

Library barcodes got an upgrade.

Generate barcodes for select access numbers as you check the boxes for access numbers in the drop-down list.

Parent web login revamped.

Parent/ Student web login UI is revamped. Also, Parent/ Student ID cards are visible in web login.

Vaccination detail update

The MCB portal will allow schools to update the vaccination status of staff & students along with vaccination details for Covid and its certificates.

Learning content

As per the latest provision, schools can enable/ disable visibility of learning materials and download features for the uploaded files, videos, audio against topics in the parent portal.

Staff attendance report

Our latest updates have consolidated the biometric and manual attendance for single-day viewing or for a range of days to understand the data better.

Make payment screen

In the latest enhancements, schools can collect advance payment from parents from the make payment screen. First, the system creates an advance ledger for every regular fee head. Then, an advance fee collected is adjusted against these advance ledgers for any academic year. This feature is available in a separate tab called Advance Payments in Make Payment Screen from accountant login.

New Feature Addition

Web notifications

Now users will receive web notifications for any events/activities happening for any modules.