February 2021 Newsletter

This month’s updates and how they’ll help you:


Feature Rename

We’ve renamed the Academics module to the Student Information System (SIS).


Generate Certificates in Bulk

Generate Promotion Certificates in bulk when promoting a student to the next grade.


Reducing Workload

With Scholastic Test Marks Entry, enter multiple evaluations for multiple tests simultaneously reducing workload.


Communication First!

Communicate custom messages when you make changes to any user’s access or when you wish to pop a message as they log in.


Helicopter View for Analysis

With Test Wise Analysis, Director can get-at-a-glance understanding of students’ test performance across various branches and graphical representation when viewing a single branch’s performance.


Quick & Secure Access

Staff can now access, manage and complete tasks in a more seamless and secure way on their portal with MPIN.


Automate, Auto-Fill Everything Possible

Create a custom Admission Email Format where the system auto-fills student login credentials while sending it to newly enrolled parents. This eliminates the need to manually enter logins in every email.


Student Documents

We’ve added two more forms in ,b>student documents: Record RCD Declaration and SSC Declaration form.


Set Various Difficulty Levels

Add difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced or more advanced) so students know can ladder up the levels when answering questions in the Question Bank.



Send Announcements to everyone at a time by selecting the new “all” option and if needed deselecting the exceptions.


Enhancing Experience

Enjoy a more user-friendly interface for several modules and System and Branch Admin dashboard.

Delete Inaccuracies

Inaccuracies are bound to happen especially when taking attendance. Now, the Principal and System Admin can delete inaccurate Attendance entries.


Record Extensive Information

Record exhaustive parent details such as their government ID details that get displayed in student contact details, profile cards and reports.


Increase Productivity

Experience increased accountability and productivity with Daily MIS for Transport Incharges.


PDF Editor

We’ve added a PDF editor for Assignments corrections where teachers can mark, underline, etc. Also, added an Image editor with zoom in-out option.

And some more highlights:

  • Generate exhaustive Visits Gate Passes Report with new fields.
  • Now enter Staff Attendance, generate Staff Leave Reports on the mobile app as well.
  • We’ve released new design layouts. Please reach out to your account manager for activating the new theme.
Check out our new features and enhancements and let us know how you like them. Also, do reach out to your account manager if you have any question.