December 2021 Newsletter


Our latest updates focus on giving our clients a rich experience while using our application. Finding innovative solutions to make your task simple and quick is one of our core objectives.
In addition to enhancements we have added a few new features to simplify your schooling experience.

Feature Enhancement


Supplemented Student Remarks with report card view

It is much more helpful to frame a remark, as teachers and subject teachers can view student report card details and guide the student towards their academic journey


Keep track of student health and hygiene.

Now schools can maintain a detailed entry of students overall health such as height, weight, chest measurements, vision, and dental hygiene.


The class timetable has a new view.

Check out the class timetable with a period wise view of class timings available with a print view.


Added a new name convention for Test marks entry

We have added ‘Ab’ to represent an absent type to the test marks entry.


Upload Absentees

Now schools can update absentee details for particular classes and sections.

Go in-depth to analyse student contact details.

Find new student reports to analyse details through categories, such as;

  • Student Section Wise Count Report
  • Student Distribution Gender Report
  • Student Distribution Age Report
  • Student Distribution Nationality
  • Report


Manage a detailed report on Absentees

Now schools can update absentee details with reasons while making period-wise attendance.


New details in student contact details report

Now the student contact details report carries a provision to save student and parent government-unique codes with other details.


Edit or change Alumni student details

Schools now have the feature to edit or update the details of alumni students from time to time.


New interface, new experience with MCB Smart school app

We bring you the new user interface in the MCB Smart school app for iOS phones.


Get better insights into student online class attendance

Schools have the ease to filter students into active or inactive groups to generate insightful reports on monthly online class attendance.


Capture government ID or resident ID of staff

Revise staff details with the update of government ID or resident ID number. This update becomes mandatory in branches located outside India.

New Feature Addition


Student suspension

Under unavoidable circumstances, if schools decide to suspend a student, they can do so by providing; a reason with a remark. All the student menu details are suspended except for fee payments until the suspension is canceled with due reasons.

Assign students their due responsibilities

Schools are allowed to assign students their responsibilities towards school as house captain, bus in charge, class captain, etc. Maintain the same as a report for the school record.

Generate valuable reports on student strength

It is possible to generate a statistical report on the total number of students for the selected language opted by them.

Introducing attractive features in online exams
Multiple new features in exam cell and summative exams:

1. Now it is possible; to directly upload the question paper in a pdf format.
2. It is possible to send question papers for approval of the coordinator or principal.
3. Once approved, publish the question papers on a selected date and time.

Flexible exam settings at your hand

Assign exam invigilator for proctoring and if necessary, extend exam time for selected students.

Let us understand how this works in student login.

The exam starts with a full-screen mode. Our feature allows the student to chat with the invigilator throughout the exam. If the student switches the window or moves out of the exam window, the exam is locked. The exam can start by providing a proper reason to the invigilator.

Let us understand how it helps the invigilator to monitor the exam

The invigilator receives the list of students who have started the exam and those who are yet to start. They can chat with the student to assist them with any queries. Invigilators can also lock the students if they move away and extend the exam as required.

Enable the parents to share their consent digitally

Let the parents share their consent for admission from the comfort of their home as now it is possible to send them student contract forms through the mail.