December 2020 Newsletter

Hey Patron,

Hope you are well. December always feels like the most festive season of the year but just
bidding goodbye to 2020 is long-awaited after the rollercoaster year everyone had. Here’s
what we have added and updated in this past month.

MyClassboard’s new updates & enhancements

How we took role-based scrutiny to next level

When an accountant has recorded an incorrect receipt number, paid amount or date, they can send principal a Fee Payment Change Request. This helps the accountant to rectify important information.


When students are accidentally or by default assigned fees, the accountant can send the principal or system admin a Fee Un-Assign Request.


Parents can raise a Fee Refund Request to refund any sort of refundable deposits (e.g., caution deposits) and the accountant can approve the request after looking into it.


Admin can request the principal to approve Student Inactive Request by mentioning the reason for inactivation is (eg: leaving the school or just an accidental entry).


When a student wants to rejoin the school within the same year, the admin reactivates the student and sends the Student Re-Activate Request to the Principal for approval.


Learn how we enhanced our features

We have recognised the need to introduce Announcement Approvals as its mass communication, and any incorrect information that goes out can confuse, so it’s best for announcements to be scrutinised before reaching parents and students.


It’s important to monitor staff progress from time-to-time, which can be done by observing their monthly attendance and regular task updates. Tracking staff progress gets easier with Branch Activity Log Report as both attendance, and task updates can be viewed.


Schools can build Alumni Network by capturing additional alumni details like alternate phone numbers and occupation details.


Understand staff’s exit from the organisation better with Inactive Staff tab report as it captures inactive staff details like exit reason, inactivation effective date, additional remarks, and relieving date.


The recent TRAI guidelines also need SMS Template Approval from the DLT Platform to avoid delivery failure.

Let us know how we can serve you better. We’re listening. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2021.