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With widespread school closures due to COVID-19, MyClassboard has come to support educators across the country by shifting to Online Classes and help to educate students during this unprecedented disruption.

Our utmost priority, like we believe and live up to, time and again, is to help educators access Online Classes with our technology integrations. MCB Microsoft Teams ensures learning never stops as it not only enables teachers and students to seamlessly connect over Online Classes but also comes with a host of interactive and collaborative tools all on a single platform.

MCB, joining hands with Microsoft Teams, is committed to helping teachers and students stay connected and engaged. Now students and instructors can find new ways to continue to focus on learning with video conferences, online versions of the Office 365 apps alongside compliance tools, and data protection.

In order to support a connected and engaged school community, MCB with Microsoft Teams is designed to meet you where you are, with features that add value all on existing MCB. Have virtual face-to-face connections, give assignments, share files and chat conversations on a single platform accessible on all your devices.

In this distance learning scenario, MCB alongside Teams is supporting the crucial need for online lectures, discussion, and productive collaboration. So MCB in partnership with Teams, highlights meetings, assignments, live events and more, all through existing MCB platform. You can customise the Teams features that are not relevant to your institution and smoothly leverage the ones that are. You can create your own multi-tool solution that enables students and instructors to put their best foot forward.

MCB Microsoft Teams is a platform enabling Online Classes, discussions scaling from one-on-one chat to a larger group conversation, assignments for focused content work and a Class Notebook. All this while supporting video conferencing and webinars, curriculum and class schedule.

Key Highlights

Secure Single-Sign-On

Using MCB Microsoft Teams, you can conduct online classes without having to create a separate account to join the meeting as they can simply join using the unique meeting link generated and for the respective session right on MCB.

Interactive Discussions

Keep your class engaged by sharing the screen and audio to present a lesson and encourage students to ask questions using the chat feature. Record the session for students who have missed the live session.

Create and share your unique meeting link

If needed you can use Teams features as a supplement to your existing Online Assignments to help bridge the gap as you can use it to communicate, work on the same document simultaneously, and stay on the same page.

Class collaboration and discussion

MCB Microsoft Meetings can also be used to find other students or instructors at your school and contact them via chat to ask a quick question, send over a file, or start a call.

Schedule meetings in a channel for lectures and seminars

Create a new meeting and choose a channel to meet in. A calendar invite will be sent to the team students to join the meeting in the respective channel. Channels help organize collaboration around different units, subjects, or topics. Private channels are excellent for small group work and project-based learning.

Moderate Teams & Receive App Notifications

Add students to a Team, mute audio/video, allow students to present screens. Once the meeting commences, a notification is sent in the Meets.

Help Manual on Microsoft Teams integration settings

1. Microsoft Teams Setup

Create a tenant here.

Follow the below Steps:

For all the users after ‘@’ the domain (as per admin) should be common


[email protected]

[email protected]


2.Create application to give Permissions follow below Steps:

In your Microsoft 365 admin center, click Azure Active Directory.

In your Azure Active Directory admin center, click Azure Active Directory

In the App Registrations Click New Registration Enter details

Redirect URI:

Click Register

In the ApI Permissions Select Microsoft Graph >>Delegated Permissions

Add below permissions:

email , Mail.Read , offline_access , OnlineMeetings.Read , OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite , User.Read ,User.ReadWrite ,User.ReadWrite.Alls

Click Grant Admin Consent.


Click here to change meeting policies