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As global citizens, we are doing everything in our capacity to contain the spread of the coronavirus, even if it meant shutting down educational institutions worldwide. More than 1.725 billion learners are currently affected due to school closures in response to the pandemic, which has impacted about 98.5% of the global student population.

Interaction and collaboration play a major role in students’ learning. Spending time interacting with peers or instructors, even virtually, can help students better adjust to remote learning. That’s why the product and partnerships teams at MCB have been working closely with our technology partners to offer new integrations that make teaching and learning more accessible and easy.

MCB is committed to supporting educators with distance learning so there is no halt in ones’ learning. To make it a reality, we cater a platform for you to interact with your students in real-time. MCB has recently announced the latest integration with Google Meet, one of the top video calling software in the industry to help connect students and instructors connect.

With students using social networks, mobile applications and even exploring new applications that assist them in their learning process, we cater to learners and users alike to interact from within MCB providing a more streamlined and integrated experience to students and staff alike.

Each day more and more educational institutions are switching to Google Apps for Education, it has become a key way for students to collaborate, interact, and share content. MCB is the finest school and learning management software out there. Educational institutions that currently use Google Meet can smoothly integrate its use on MCB via single sign-on.

Here are some of the many benefits of MCB Google Meet Integration

Connect with students for Online Classes/Meetings, mentoring, or collaborate with staff directly from MCB with Google Meet. MCB customers with Google accounts will be able to create audio and video conference calls (Meets) using the Google Meet integration with MCB. This integration provides a way to link to a Google Meet from within the MCB, meaning that teachers can link to a conference from calendar invites, learning leagues, assignments and more.

Single sign-on via MCB platform. Meet video meetings are encrypted and MCB’s constant efforts to ensure data security gives added protection.

With MCB Google Meet Integration, instructors can create and schedule sessions for online classes and one-to-one tutoring and students can create hangouts to collaborate with their peers on assignments and review course material together.

Once the Google Meet is open, instructors and students will be able to live conference and can send chat messages to everyone in the group.

Why MCB Google Meet Is A Must-Have

  1. There is no need to update the link to start a new session. When you’re ready for your next class to start, the same link will create a new Google Meet (while launching in a new tab).
  2. You can also add links to pages, assignments, updates, and calendar for collaborations between peers or between instructor and students.
  3. Students can join Online Classes right on MCB application with the access to Google Meet links right on the MCB portal.
  4. Record and save meetings to your Google Drive
  1. The Google Meet will start when the teacher joins and will continue until all users leave. Whenever you’re ready for your next Meet to start, the same link can be used to create a new Google Meet.
  2. In addition, Google has rolled out free access to their advanced Meet video-conferencing features to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally through September 2020.
  3. Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers
  4. More comprehensive meetings with up to 250 participants
  1. Schedule Google Meets’ sessions directly from MCB.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO).
  3. Sync events with MCB and Google calendars.
  4. Access and enter Google Hangouts from MCB.
  1. Students can join the meeting from anywhere.
  2. Keep learning while you keep safe and connected.
  3. Meet on your favourite device.
  4. If you would like to use Google Meet as your video-conferencing tool for both student learning and staff collaboration, while making most of it with your existing MCB platform, do not hesitate to reach out to your manager for more information.