Support Beyond Classroom

Doubt Clarifier for students to learn without any limitations. This is one of the many solutions to help teacher support the student anytime, anywhere


Using AI to solve doubts

MCB has made it possible to use AI technology in answering students’ doubts.

No Ignored Doubts

Students can post their doubts in the App and let their teacher know. The teacher gets to know who raised the doubt, how many students have similar doubts and can plan appropriate ways to address. No doubt is now ignored!

When in Doubt…just chat

The unique code-based enquiry generation helps the school admin to pull-up complete data of the number of enquiries made through web or walk-in using the specific code for each type of enquiry.

Explainer Video Solution

The app has a feature of mapping teacher-delivered videos to a specific topic, just in case the student has any doubt, the application automatically suggests a video either by their subject teacher or a credible resource.

Live Video Conferencing

It helps the teacher to interact live with the student, scheduling a video conference, sending out notification and start taking a session beyond the classroom whenever a doubt is posted and support students learning.

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