Power of Solutions

Upload answer in a text document, image, graph sheet, infographic or explainer video. The teacher gets to know who raised the doubt and improve their teaching method if needed


Teacher Assistant Tool

MCB Doubts clarifier lets the teacher know what doubts are raised and plan their approach appropriately in the classroom.

Accumulate Knowledge, not Doubts

MCB Doubts Clarifier encourages students to raise their voice and let the teacher know what their learning challenges are without hesitation & lack of confidence to seek teacher support just in-time.

Repository of Doubts

Your school can now build a repository of frequently asked and most common doubts with MCB Learning App.

Reason & Evidence

The evidence criteria for every doubt are empowered by MCB Learning to engage students in task-based learning encouraging them to interact, use their cognitive abilities and question to become autonomous learner’s over-time.

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