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Assign Work & Tag Resources

With our content bank teachers can easily assign home/class work and tag resources to be used by the students. Students can complete their tasks, update in the app and let their teacher know in case they run into any challenges.

Student Activity Reports

With MCB Learning you can now view elaborated reports of student engagement and activity remotely via MCB Learning App. Teachers will also be able to identify which resources are popularly used and enable your teachers to continuously evolve by creating effective content.

Bring Accountability & Ownership

Students can access info, ideas, and interactions with MCB Learning. Support and enhance their intelligence, that is central to make them accountable and support the process of taking ownership of their knowledge.

Maximize Student Engagement

Create digital lessons that have a high rate of engagement over other formats. Students can access lessons, watch videos, simulations and much more to understand a concept using multi-model learning that expands their world bringing endless possibilities.

Live Dashboarding & Reports

Teachers and Parents can get statistics of time spent by a student, their activity, used resources, and monitor their progress as you keep supporting every individual student with the most appropriate content best suited for them.

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