Key Highlights

Key Highlights

MCB Forms

Forms by MCB make it more straightforward for you to obtain
and update data from parents of current and prospective pupils (including users with "parental access" rights),
and the students themselves.Users can create a variety of forms from within MCB Smart School features.

This solution equips you with an automatic online form-making process that enables you to build online forms
that are easy for parents to access and fill out.With Forms, you eliminate countless records. paperwork
and data that are outdated as they are concluded – online student data collected through forms is accurate,
secure, and easily accessible by parents or staff of your school, at any time.

Auto-fill student/staff data into the created forms and easily generate forms in bulk.
Give/restrict visibility to stakeholders based on desired form audience.

Key Features

A Gist

Design forms, add disclosures, add visibility criteria, and assign roles with an intuitive, step-by-step process. It empowers you to collect in parents, students and staff.

information, emergency contact information, admissions, class registration, and more! We aim to help you create forms promptly and enable you to share them immediately. Forms gather and organizes all your student data in a secure and customisable cloud based system.

Enhanced Workflow

Improve parents’ experience to fill out forms promptly and precisely with auto-completion being a highlight where in saved pupil data gets filled automatically.

Stakeholders can access the data collected and maintained online wherever, whenever. Schools determine which user can see which disclosures and will email the disclosure copy to them. Parents cannot submit forms without acknowledging the disclosures.

Greater Productivity

The administrator dashboard displays form conclusion and status of fee payments so the school can download forms and uploaded documentation.

Schools are enabled to create state-based forms online that look similar to the actual paper version. Enhanced autofill feature pre-populates answers to save parents’ time, increase accuracy, decrease redundant data entry and improve the experience.

100% Security

An online cloud environment means the accumulated forms and data are maintained offsite and can be easily accessed and updated while offering a secure platform for recording sensitive pupil data.

Individual user access by user role/title privileges administrator permission to view individual information within forms by MCB, assuring that individual users view only the data relevant to them.

Enhanced Communication

Email signed forms to parents so they receive an electronic copy of forms they fill. Map fee against form submission and assign specific fees to users, saving time for schools and its stakeholders.

Verifying documentation uploaded and stored in online storage overcomes the hassle of tracking down documents, and greatly reduces the demand for extensive paperwork and physical records.

Simple and Intuitive

Download questions and answers so you can search and report on explicit questions – faster and accurately than having to fetch them through piles of paper records. Data that is organised online is a smart way to save on Paper.

Allow us to manage your forms so you can avoid dealing with tedious and redundant paperwork – forms by MCB collects and organises all your student data online on a secure and customisable central platform..
  1. Forms by MCB makes it easy to design customisable, versatile forms to suit your schools’ needs. By collecting data in a secure, cloud environment, data entry inaccuracies and time spent deciphering messy manuscripts will finally be a thing of the bygone era. Online forms and data collection can save staff time and cut on expenses witnessing a reduction in administrative and printing costs. MCB Forms, an intuitive online platform, means a higher response rate from tech-savvy parents as they can do it on the go.
  2. Reports: We comply to school’s exhaustive reporting requirements by helping you generate reports that present data in an organised format. Generate tabular analysis (student wise) reports for clear understanding. You can also generate question wise graphical analysis reports with recorded feedback against the rating scale for each question with an average percentage accurately.