Inter-Office Concerns


Inter-Office Concerns

This powerful feature enables total inter-office collaboration by establishing a structured information flow and addressal of operational needs of the school.

Categorize Requirements

One of the predominant concerns of any department in the school could be shortage of material resources. MCB Concerns Solution helps you categorize all those service requests & indents such as Enquiry & Admissions, Marketing & Branding, Transport, House-keeping, Academics, Ancillary services, HR related, Payroll related, Maintenance, Accounts & Finance related, Technology related and so on.

Assign Proper Responsibility

Empower your Head of the Department with an option to select the concern type, provide the description and assign organization level having responsibility with the concern. A person designated to the type of Department can raise the concern. An email notification is received stating the concern to the designated person of a particular Department.

Channelize Work-flow

If the work -flow to handle the concerns is not defined, the principal of the branch and system admin user will have access to act on the concern.If the work- flow to handle the concern is defined, the concerns will be handled by the users assigned at different levels. The users (except the highest-level user) at their respective levels will be able to write the remarks and forward the concern to the next level. The user assigned at the highest level will have access to close the concern.

Optimize Material Usage

By raising all material requests from MCB Smartschool interface you can get real-time status of material utilization pattern & trends which enables in getting valuable statistical data for budgetary planning, cash-flow and many more.

Timely Indenting

Now you can establish proper indenting process for timely supply of school administrative resources. The entire process of raising requests, approvals can be centralized by assigning levels of clearance at organization level.