hostel/canteen management System

hostel/canteen Management System

MCB’s Hostel Management System


MCB’s Hostel Management System is a cloud-based management solution designed to assist hostel administrators and wardens manage various processes including building management, floor management, beds allocation, attendance tracking, warden assigning, meals plans, hostel inventory management, mess management, hostel gate pass issue, comprehensive reports.


  1. Manage various hostels and their activities using our all-in-one Hostel Management software.
  2. Organise and manage hostel data by computing.
  3. Manage hostel students’ details and allocate rooms to them.
  4. Keep and track the hostel record of hostel students’ ins and outs by issuing gate passes.
  5. Manage hostel consumables and durables efficiently with efficient hostel inventory management.
  6. Generate detailed and consolidated reports for a better understanding of resource consumption and management.
  7. Now keep a record of individual students’ allergies, track scheduled vaccinations, doctor consultation details and much more. General parameters like height/weight are also recorded from time to time. Our flexible system can accommodate customisations based on your school’s requirements.