Health Infirmary


School Infirmary Module

  1. Add Doctors to your School Infirmary
  2. Schedule Systematic Doctor Visits
  3. Record and Maintain Equipment Status
  4. Record and Track Student Health Checkups
  5. Organise Blood Donation Camps all round the year
  6. Educate Students and Teachers about First Aid
  7. Generate Reports based on the requirement
  1. Manage students’ health problems: In infirmary management, you can define and record all the possible health aspects like cold, flu, allergies, weight, height, eyesight, headache and a lot more.
  2. Maintain organised doctor’s records : Schools’ infirmary management can now easily maintain doctors’ records with details like qualification, specialization, contact number, availability for weekdays, etc.
  3. Maintaining student medical history : Maintain complete student medical histories like the name of the doctor under whose supervision the student was kept, the health issue, its medication and student’s overall improvement.
  4. Automated report generation : Once all the records are entered in the school's system, various reports for the same will be generated that can be accessed for future use.
  5. Tracking treatment and precautions are taken by the student : Keep a track of student’s health issues and the immediate follow-up care that should be taken to treat or prevent it.
  6. CBSE Health and Activity Record: CBSE has made Health & Activity Card mandatory for all CBSE board schools. The health and activity assessments are to be carried out every term by schools. Reports are issued individual student-wise. Schools can quickly generate individual and bulk report cards term-wise and a consolidated year report with both terms. Components that are covered in CBSE Health and Activity Card include vision, ears, teeth occlusion, body measurements, circumferences, health status, posture evaluation, sporting activities.
  7. It has a distinct category covering Fitness Components and parameters such as body composition, muscular strength. endurance, balance, agility It also covers overall Health and Skill Components such as agility, speed, power coordination.