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Class Teacher is given access to create exams, assignments, set Maximum marks, due date and time, etc.Teacher can assign the exams or assignements to whole class or groups and enable the submissions by students. Teacher can give instant feedback, marks or grades and parents can view the same through the parent app or web portal.

App for school administration App for school administration


Any subject Teacher can be given access to enter the marks or grades into the application through mobile app or web portal. Our software automatically calculates grades and the same is communicated to the parents directly.

Myclassboard teacher app Myclassboard teacher app
Class teacher management

Class teacher management


Certain schools have coordinators to act as intermediaries between class teachers and management, these coordinators can also be given separate logins into the tool. They can keep track of all examinations and assignements schedules, grades and marks entry status and the availability of the assessment reports of all grades and sections assignred to her.

App for school coordinators App for school coordinators


As an administrator, this user will have overall privileges with the report cards being generated, so that he/she can pull up reports of not just an individual but as a class on the whole to judge the class’s performance. Principal can keep track of the teachers performance and plan the incentives accordingly.

App for principal App for principal
School management software

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