Google Class Rooms

Google Class Rooms

  1. Integrated with G Suite of your school domain
  2. Emails for students automatically at the time of admissions
  3. Emails for staff at the time of recruitment
  4. Managing classrooms,teachers,co-teachers made simper.
  1. Reuse Assignments and resources centrally across academic years
  2. Student and staff emails inactivations at the time of TC/Resignation
  3. Student and parents communication powered with google calender and classrooms APIs
  4. Parent Mobile App and MCB Smart School App powered with Google Authentication

Activation of Google Meet,Google ClassRooms in your GSuite Account

Step 1: Switch to administrator account to allow users to join video meetings. Please visit this link to open the Google Admin console. Click Here


Single Sign-on and Integration of Google ClassRoom,Gmail

Step 1 : Create Service Account Navigate to the Service accounts page. Click Here

Authorize your client ID Next, authorize your service account’s client ID. Click Here

Step 1: In your Google Admin console, click Security>>Advanced settings>>Manage API client access.

Step 2:In the Client Name field, enter your service account's client ID.
Make sure you use the service account client ID, not the OAuth Web client ID​. You can find the service account client ID in the JSON file you downloaded when you created the G Suite service account. Alternatively, you can find the client ID in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Click IAM & AdminService accounts, then select your service account.

Step 3:In the One or More API scopes field, copy and paste the following comma-separated list of scopes:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Step 4:Click Authorize. Creating a Google API Key Navigate to the Google Developers Console by visitng the link Click Here

Select Web Application as the Application Type. Follow the instructions to enter JavaScript origins, redirect URIs, or both. Click Create button. Example for redirect uri is