Virtual command center for your school fleets at your fingertips!

Systematic automated workflows enhance safety & convenience.

Complete transport management

MyClassboard transport management system is fully integrated to let schools manage their entire school fleets in & out simply and systematically.

Create new routes, remove old ones, and reroute them to  manage traffic flow and road maintenance.

Customize one way transport with special routes, stops & time slots.

Schools can also auto map routes from the transport dashboard to maximize fuel and time efficiency.

Manage vehicle maintenance & transport expenses.

Managing own school fleet services allows better control of transport budget, vehicle maintenance, and usage analytics, as every data is transparent and available on the dashboard, unlike outsourcing school fleet management to third party agencies.

Automate vehicle expenses and collection of transportation fees for all school buses from the transport dashboard.

Generate statistical reports on transportation costs, fee payments, outstanding amounts, & special route fee plans.

Simplify administration by maintaining centralized data on regular vehicle maintenance, insurance, pollution certificates, personnel details, & salaries of transport staff on one platform.

Mobile notification alerts

The entire transport system is built to coordinate closely between the school, parents, and the transport vehicle. Any vehicle or route changes are promptly updated on the dashboard and relayed to the parents to ensure constant vigilance on the student s whereabouts.

Send quick notifications about pick up & drop off locations, routes, & times.

Track the information of pupils riding on a specific bus & notify
parents of pick up & drop off times.

Real time frequent updates eliminate inconveniences by keeping schools & parents informed of any delays brought on by construction, route changes, or bus problems.

Accounting reports for expense management

Understanding the actual expenses of transport is essential to plan budget allocation efficiently or to avoid unnecessary expenditure leakages. MyClassboard accounting reports enable schools to closely monitor expenses at regular intervals, which can be extrapolated to predict the long term feasibility of the present transport management system.

Generate reports on transport expenditures, fuel consumption, and distance traveling.

Track budget using different report criteria to optimize cash input and outflow.

Student vehicle onboarding details

Students onboarding a school bus and deboarding the bus is critical information that helps in the safety of students or reacting to any emergency. Such crucial information is recorded & updated to parents and school authorities through a mobile app in real time so that they can be assured of the whereabouts of their wards. Dedicated tools that note students attendance can be integrated with the software to expand the functionalities by multifold.

Real time log of student boarding & deboarding.

Smartphone notifications alert the parents constantly.

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