Promote Discipline With Student Behaviour Tracking

Transform school culture tracking and reporting pupil behaviour
Student Discipline main

Student Discipline

Track student’s conduct to promote discipline. Record, track and report general and anti-bullying
disciplinary incidents, maintain discipline records, warnings, notify parents and generate reports.

Key Features

Document General Discipline Incidents

Log disciplinary incidents to record common student infractions such as detention attendance, dress code violation, staff remarks, follow-up actions and send notifications to parents.
Analysis and Report Writing

Analysis and Report Writing

Evaluate general discipline data using any of the criteria: nature of the incident; date and time; student name; grade level; follow-up actions; consequences as per the number of infractions.


Document disciplinary actions and access the pupil’s disciplinary archives when communicating with parents. Track follow-up actions pupils have served or are pending. Generate customised reports with multiple discipline actions and statistical reports to track recurrences. Send student disciplinary marks, remarks and details reports to report incidents to parents.
Data Compilation

Data Compilation

Compile data as student discipline summary marks count, marks by staff, detailed marks by category, remarks report, detailed report.

Track Anti-Bullying

Equip your school staff with an overview of bullying incidents and other safety concerns. Consistently track such incidents on your app enabling administrators to take action before things escalate. Add supporting testimony to strengthen the investigation. Reduce inaccurate reporting with a pre-screening inquiry. Configure reporting form, inquiry steps and questions as per your requirement.
Track Anti-Bullying

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