Radio frequency identification (RFID) has become a leading technology in providing automated and reliable location and tracking information for schools. RFID represents a significant leap forward in efficiency and automation, not just from manual or spreadsheet-based tracking but also compared to the limitations and manual labor required by barcode scanning and technology.

MyClassboard Smart School app presents cutting-edge RFID technology, offering a revolutionary solution for parents and a
seamless experience using RFID proximity cards.

Our RFID Technology provides a next-generation solution for schools that need to track and manage essential assets, provide
seamless and more efficient transactions, and maximize campus security. It is affordable and scalable, and, most importantly, it
is the most effective technology for locating and tracking virtually anything that schools need to monitor and manage.

Attendance Management with RFID:

Streamline attendance tracking with our RFID Attendance Management System, designed to simplify and enhance the school’s daily operations. Our RFID Attendance Management System isn’t just about recording attendance; it’s about optimizing processes, enhancing communication, and providing valuable insights for better decision-making within the educational ecosystem. Furthermore, RFID can provide real-time attendance tracking, allowing parents and school administrators to monitor student and staff attendance remotely.

Asset Tracking With RFID:

Effortlessly manage assets using our RFID-based tracking system. With advanced RFID tags and readers, gain real-time insights, reduce losses, and optimize resource allocation. Bene Asset software can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, supporting unlimited assets, transactions, and concurrent users.

Enhancing School Security with RFID :

Schools can also restrict access to specific areas within the premises by implementing RFID-enabled access control systems. Moreover, RFID can be used to monitor and track students’ movement within the school premises. Schools can strategically place RFID readers at key locations, keep track of student movements, and identify any unusual or unauthorized behavior. Such a proactive approach to security helps create a safe and secure learning environment for all.

Library Management With RFID :

Library management is an essential aspect of a school’s educational resources, and RFID technology can significantly enhance the efficiency of library operations. By incorporating RFID tags into books, libraries can automate the process of book checkouts, returns, and inventory management.

Administrative Task using RFID :

RFID technology offers various opportunities to streamline administrative tasks in schools. RFID can be used to automate various other tasks, such as equipment tracking, visitor management, and document management. RFID can also simplify the visitor management process in schools. This enhances the security of the school premises and ensures that only authorized visitors are granted access.

Track Your Missing ID Card Using RFID :

Misplacing your ID card can be stressful! But with MyClassboard, it’s a breeze to get back on track. We understand the importance of ensuring your security and access to school facilities, so we’ve streamlined the replacement process.

Report it Immediately: Notify your school administration or use the MyClassboard parent app to report the lost, damaged, or stolen ID as soon as possible. This helps deactivate the card and prevent unauthorized access.

Apply for a new ID Card: A brand new ID card with a fresh RFID chip retaining your existing information will be issued.

Pay Conveniently: 

  • Pay the ID replacement fee, which is made available on the MCB parent app
  • Pay securely online or through other payment options offered by your school/college.

How RFID Works:

Effortless Tapping:

Students and staff simply tap their personalized RFID cards onto the RFID reader

Secure Data Recording:

The reader instantly records their movement along with the exact time, ensuring accurate tracking and streamlining entry/exit movement.

Encrypted for Protection:

Each card is equipped with a
unique RFID code, safeguarding
student and staff information.

How To Use RFID Cards:

Parent / Guardian ID Cards can be printed on the card itself, or stickers can be pasted on RFID.

Printed ID card with RFID for Parents and Guardian or an RFID sticker pasted on the existing ID

Printed ID card with RFID for Students or an RFID sticker pasted on the existing ID card

Printed ID card with RFID for staff or an RFID sticker pasted on the existing ID card

Printed ID card with RFID or an RFID sticker pasted on the existing ID card for regular Vendors

Embrace the future of campus safety and efficiency with MyClassboard RFID technology.

Together, let's create a safer and smarter

educational environment.

For a detailed demo and module activation, connect with our Customer
Success Manager, Account Manager, and Sales team today!

FAQs ?

What is an RFID card for students?

RFID-enabled student ID cards use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify students and track their travels. The chip in student ID cards contains memory and computing power.

How cost-effective is implementing RFID in educational institutions?

RFID implementation costs vary according to the size and extent of the deployment. While there is an initial expenditure, the long-term benefits, such as time savings, higher accuracy, and increased security, frequently outweigh the initial costs.

How can RFID technology improve school security?

RFID improves school security by restricting access to different areas, tracking movement, and providing real-time information on who is on the premises or who can enter the premises. It prevents unauthorized access to the school campus to boost security.

Is RFID Right for My School?

RFID may seem too advanced or sophisticated for some schools. Suppose you only have particular assets you need to manage and do not have the budget or need to integrate RFID for better campus security and greater efficiency through electronic transactions.