We are excited to introduce IB Gradebook on the MCB platform designed exclusively for IB schools.

Our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience for both educators and students has led to several feature upgrades across the module catering needs of all IB programmes (PYP, MYP, DP).

Here's a detailed overview of the key features:


IB subject areas/groups are meticulously crafted on MCB for all classes and programmes, adhering strictly to the IB’s official website guidelines. Introducing subject Blocks for IBDP with both HL and SL tags, providing greater flexibility in curriculum planning. Easily map students to their chosen subjects from each subject group.

Time table

Create a flexible timetable structure with separate options for curricular (subject-wise and block-wise) and co-curricular subjects.

Teacher Management

Streamline IB Teacher Management by assigning homeroom teachers, subject experts, and IB coordinators for IB classes.

Provision to create student subject groups and assign teachers to respective student subject groups adhering to the guidelines of teacher versus student ratio proposed by IB.

ATL Skills

 ATL skill acquisition indicators are now seamlessly integrated.

Import default ATL Master skills and capture grades for ATL skills flexibly – term-wise, subject-wise, or UOI-wise.

Unit Planners

IB Unit planning
Unit planner templates aligned with IB
guidelines for all IB programmers on MCB.
Transdisciplinary themes
Transdisciplinary themes of PYP, Global
contexts of MYP and the subject groups of
IBDP are integrated with
planner components, allowing direct creation.
Inquiry and action
We facilitate the educators of all IB programmes to
plan their units effectively by defining Unit basics,
learning focus, learning goals, make connections with
the understanding of past and future learning and
formulating questions to understand student’s learning.

Grade Boundaries

Master Grade boundaries in line with the IB framework are provided by MCB and can be imported directly or created custom grade boundaries subject-wise

Define grade boundaries and the statements for goals and success criteria.

Define grade boundaries for ATL Skills.

Assessments and Reports

Themes (UOI, Skills, Learner profile attributes, ATL skills),

Capture teachers’ feedback comprehensively along with evidences.

Goals and Success Criteria (Rubrics)

Get a customized report card designed as per your preference.

Subject-wise formative and summative assessments with criteria, weightage and the relevant undergraduates for all subjects.

Analysis and Report Cards

Bulk generation of term-wise and evaluation-wise report cards.

Test-wise analysis reports for all evaluations against a section with a graphical representation for user convenience.

Student-wise performance reports for a comprehensive analysis throughout the academic year across all assessments.


Create student groups for projects/activities across all
programmes and classes.

Add personal and group projects with default
templates for various project types

 Define project details, aim, expected outcome, levels,
and subjects.

 Students can outline project details, add notes and
documents, and track their progress with milestone
completion targets.

Enjoy the flexibility provided in Projects feature across
the programmes from the exhibitions in PYP to Personal
Projects in MYP, CAS and Extended Essay In DP.
Foster collaboration enabling the project coordinators,
mentors and students to work seamlessly on Projects.

We are confident that these updates will enhance your experience with MCB, providing a more efficient and tailored platform for IB schools. Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to reach out to our product specialist.

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