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Website Enquiry Form

Register enquiries online directly from your school website using our Enquiry Management System. Efficient solution to make the process of enquiry hasslefree for parents and schools. Interactive page for parents to fill the enquiry form on the school website.Intuitive dashboard for overview. Further levels in an admission process can be customised to the school’s requirements.

Follow-up Campaigns

Build a solid (high response rate) follow-up campaign using our efficient Campaign Follow-up System. Responding to prospect enquiries can be tricky as to when and how to reach out.Our campaign follow-up system helps you record/schedule responses in a timely fashion.Leads will be followed up by call centres, BDM, progressing to counsellors.Establish a budding relationship using our efficient prospect management relationship system.

K12 Admissions

One-stop solution connecting parents to schools. MCB enlists your school on our K12 Admissions platform free of cost. Platform to portray your school’s strengths and be visible to your prospective parents. Schools can highlight the school facilities and make it stand out. Receive admission enquiries directly on your school ERP.



Efficient and accurate software to perform end-to-end gradebook activities using various modules as per your requirement. Makes intelligent evaluations simpler. Saves time eliminating uncertainty over evaluations. Includes generation of tests, marks, report cards and much more. All Integrated on MCB Smart School mobile app and web portal.

Teaching plan, PTM, Anecdotes

Teachers can create a detailed teaching plan instantly using MCB Smart School mobile app. Create announcements to inform parents about scheduled PTMs. Give anecdotes to students on their academic and non-academic performance.

School ERP

Transport Management

Facilitates smooth operations, encouraging safe transport system. Enables admin office to efficiently manage the school transportation force. Maintain vehicle data and data of students availing the transportation facility. Accurate live tracking with the help of GPS.Secure commute for students with constant updates on bus location.Feature-rich solution - vehicle alerts, map view, app logins, notifications and more. Establish confusion free mechanism using MCB’s Transport Management Software.

Library Management

Comprehensive and efficient library management for schools. Collate records of the books in the library and update into our library database software. Keep track of the books that are issued and returned using our barcode scanner. Manage and track all library related activities using our mobile and web based platform Create and arrange a systematic book repository using our online library software. Easy access to students and teachers using our library cataloging software.

HR & Payroll

Easy access to staff data using our HR Software.Quick and simple staff enrollments.Easily manage and keep track of staff attendance. Credit staff salaries in a timely manner with integration of payment gateways to their bank accounts.

Expenses Management

Simple and Intuitive Expenses Management Solution for schools. Employees can report expenses instantly.No more paperwork or manual expense entry. Bring all your expenses together on one platform. Process expenses faster using our Expenses Management Software. Manage them from your MCB Smart School mobile application or web portal.

Inventory Management

Keep track of every unit with our powerful Inventory Management Solution. Comprehensive inventory and asset tracking software for schools Intuitive expense management system to accurately manage your school inventory MCB’s inventory management meets all the inventory control requirements for schools Track all your educational resources — pens, printing paper, classroom and office supplies, printer, printing cartridges, etc.— unit wise.

Hostel Management

Manage various hostels and their activities using our Hostel Management. Organise and manage hostel data by computing with our hostel management software. Manage hostel students’ details and allocate rooms to them. Keep and track the hostel record of hostel students’ ins and outs. Manage hostel consumables and durables efficiently. Generate detailed and consolidated reports for further references

Student Certifications & ID Card Generation

Time saving certificate and ID creation using our Student Certification and ID Card Generation system. Create accurate aesthetic student certificates with ease. Efficiently keep a track record of the generated student certificates. Generate custom designed certifications and IDs for students.

Canteen Management

Operate your own school canteen using our Canteen Management Software. Track bill-wise and item-wise food consumption and also for a group of students.

Lunch Menus

Supply nutritious meals to students with a pre-scheduled lunch menu. Plan different meal plans for different days of the week.Avail postpaid and prepaid accounting for the lunch menus to make canteen process cashless. Facilitate viewing of different menu items for parents and students.

Alumni Management

Build a strong alumni community with MCB’s Alumni Management System. Maintain alumni database using our alumni management system.Manage and auto-plan alumni database using our alumni solution.Makes the alumni a part of the institution’s progress.

Infirmary Management

Maintain student’s health records using our health management software. Provide history of students’ medications and health concerns.Record data and generate reports instantly with ease. Restrict access of important health records to authorised users only.

Visitor Management

Build a solid brand image by welcoming visitors to a sophisticated atmosphere with MCB’s Visitor Management System. Empower school administrators enabling centralised management using our visitor management solution.Closely track all the visitors entering school premises.

Franchise Management

Empower your franchise network on one platform, MCB’s Franchise Management Software.Provides a comprehensive solution specifically designed for your chain of schools.Manage your schools with one reliable franchise solution. Monitor compliance and performance across all your schools using our franchise management system.

Student Council Elections Management System

Educate and encourage students about leadership using our efficient Student Council Elections Management System. Manage school’s elections with no hassle, via MCB Smart School app, and yet meet stringent election requirements. Provide a fair and reliable platform for school’s student council elections.

Afterschool Services

Serve students with support, mentoring, counseling and guidance, youth development, sports, arts and recreational Manage afterschool services using our effective After School Services Management System. Maintain in-house, outsiders’ and various other providers’ record in your school database. Ease extra managerial activities on the go using MCB Smart School app.

Digital Document Library

Provision for school administration to capture important documents with MCB’s efficient Digital Document Library System. Manage and track stored staff documents using our Digital Document Library Software.Access records from your database anytime, anywhere. |

Parent Communication


Facilitate effective home-school communication for improved parent engagement. Build a strong conveyance bridge from the teacher to the parent via announcement software.Efficient and effortless communication; encouraging the attainment of students. View the latest updates - parent teacher meetings, exam dates, cultural programs, holidays Announcement, part of, all-in-one communication solution, is easy to access via web and mobile devices.

Class Diary

Class Diary solution is the digital version of the traditional school diary. Intuitive solution to parents’ fear of being oblivious about child’s academics.Effective teacher-parent communication to share updates on child’s academics.Now communicate with individual parents via school diary on a day to day basis. Provide instant access to students (and parents). Easy to understand and effortless to create.


Accurate and easy to access attendance management system. Capture attendance real-time from MCB mobile application. Digital attendance report publishing. Process and view attendance report information real-time. MCB’s attendance management software helps mark, manage and maintain student attendance records in the database. Accurate and easy to access attendance management system. View attendance reports information from your mobile application.


Fast and simple parent-teacher messaging. Easy chat software to connect - parent to teacher and teacher to parent. Send attachments instantly to the teacher. Simple way to attend parent/teacher concerns. Receive instant chat notifications.

Photo Gallery

Showcase important events that take place in the school with photographs to all parents, staff and students.Quick and easy to create photo gallery/activity. Capture and upload memories from important school events for parents to view. Digitally publish photos using photo gallery tool. All photographs will have the school’s watermark edged to it.

SMS & Email Alerts

Our SMS and Email Alerts management software has an inbuilt messaging system that acts as a reminder system for sending bulk SMS, notification and email alerts on recharge. Develop standardized communication between the schools and parents. Send Absentee SMS, Voice Messages, Marks Report Messages, Birthday Greetings SMS, Holiday SMS, Parents-Teacher Meeting SMS and General SMS.

Whatsapp Alerts

Send text messages, alerts and push notifications on WhatsApp in large numbers free of cost. Stay connected on the world's most used messaging platform .

Dynamic Forms

Build intuitive Dynamic Forms using MCB’s Dynamic Forms.Insert images, add configurable fields with our Dynamic Forms tool. Create Dynamic Forms for parents and staff.Eases the process of form filling for everyone.


Manage students’ behaviour by monitoring discipline in school. Encourage and inculcate self-discipline in students by marking them for their discipline. Give remarks on students’ behaviour using our discipline management module. Update parents on their child’s discipline in school.


Provide an organised approach to resolve parent and staff concerns.Institutionalize the process of improvement by resolving concerns. Recognize what parents and staff has to say.

Fee Collections

Online Payment Gateway

Improve payments flexibility using Online Payment Gateway software.Now pay using your credit or debit cards. Seamlessly pay tuition and other fee types through our secured payment gateway. Authorised transactions between parents and schools.

Fee Reminder Alerts

Optimise your school’s fee management Send short fee reminder alerts to inform parents to pay due fee using our fee reminder system. Built-in fee reminder system allows you to set reminders before the due date. It's important for schools to be equipped with unlimited outstanding fee reminders in the form of SMS and email.

Custom Fee Receipts

Each school has a customised fee collection structure which requires them to generate custom fee receipts. Generate a unique slip every time you use our receipt printing software.Customise a signature fee receipt for various fee collection types and payment modes.


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MyClassboard has been associated with Ryan Group of Institutions for more than 3 years now and not once have we regretted the decision to include them in our family. All the various modules they bring to the table are note-worthy but modules like Fee-Collection and Report Card deserve special mention for their simplicity and efficiency. We have experienced a better way of running our school, thanks to MyClassboard.

Mr.Ryan Pinto

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