Sophisticated Email Software that is Trusted by Hundreds of Schools

Sending emails is a great ally for communications in educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities. E-mail is a customisable, quick, secure, economic and powerful communication medium, that schools can use to communicate with students, teachers, parents, staff, guardians, managers and other stakeholders.

They can also be a great way to pave the way for new communication channels within the class. It is an interesting resource to share course content, videos, classwork, homework, communicate with students from other areas and more.

Sending informative emails to parents and students

Make Efficient use of email for students and parents

  1. Once your contact directory is synced on MCB, you can easily organize them into lists, tags or segments.
  2. With MCB, you can create, design, and dispatch unlimited emails. MCB users are enabled to prepare, format, and customise standard reusable E-mail templates thereby saving time and eliminating the effort of rewriting them.
  3. Now schedule multi-step email sequences for various events and causes and send automated emails after a delay or prompt custom email series.
  4. Generate in-detail reports to measure delivery.
  5. Automate your email campaigns on MCB’s.
  1. Easily send emails, newsletters and broadcasts with MCB’s Email tool. Design, schedule and track school emails, newsletters & broadcasts.
  2. Schedule and send E-mail notifications to remind and inform parents about overdue, upcoming and, pending fee payments; school events and other activities; unexpected announcements, class schedules, and more.
  3. Comprehensive reporting and analytics for every email to help you understand how your campaign has performed. You can use this to plan the next steps in your email marketing strategy.
  4. Readily connect and exchange bulk emails seamlessly.

Now Never Miss Out on Important Information with MCB’s Easy-T0-Use Email Alerts Software!

School Email Alerts system is one of our most reliable platform that offers schools a notification system to directly communicate with all the stakeholders in a school community. Teachers and school admins can effortlessly send Email Alerts about various important details to everyone in seconds!

Circulars are no longer printed in large numbers for distribution across the school, consuming a lot of time and adding costs. With MCB’s Email Alerts service, staff, parents & guardians are kept updated with all the important information. We have segregated Email Alerts broadly into two types: Organisation wise & Branch wise.

Email Alerts for Management

  1. Send email alerts of the enquiry and application Enrolment Review Count for an academic year for a selected time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  2. Send Application and Admission Review Count email alert at the organisation level for the next two academic years as on date.
  3. Send Admission Summary email alerts for an academic year at organisation level.
  4. Don’t miss a thing and send important Fee Collection Summary information for previous and/or current academic year, receipts entry for the previous day, manual invoice modifications for the previous day and check bounce entries.
  5. Send Service Request Ticket email alerts.
  6. Send Wedding Anniversary Greetings to parents and staff to mark their special day without fail.
  7. Send email alerts for Fee Outstanding with a set frequency.
  1. Never miss making your community feel special by wishing them on their special day with our automated email alerts for Staff, Parent & Student Birthdays.
  2. Send Organisation SMS & Email Usage email alerts for a scheduled frequency.
  3. Send email alerts for Online Payment Statistics with the number of payment transactions for each status.
  4. Send Organisation Wise User Login Summary for a selected time frame.
  5. Send Post-Dated Cheque Deposit Alerts before the deposit day and on the deposit day.

Email Alerts for branch Admin

  1. Send Student Attendance Details for both the sessions of the day to parents to keep them informed about their ward’s attendance.
  2. Schedule and send Class Diary email alert every day to notify parents about information and homework.
  3. Learning League email alerts for teachers and students with the summary and the topic covered by the teacher and students respectively.
  4. Send Day Wise and Month Wise Staff Activity Summary Alerts to keep track of staff’s activity.
  5. Send Branch SMS & Email Usage email alerts for a scheduled frequency.
  6. Send Branch-Wise User Login Summary for a selected time frame.
  1. Send school transport Vehicle Document Expiry Alert as a reminder to get it renewed.
  2. Send Consecutive Student Absentees’ email alerts when they are absent for more than a set number of days.
  3. Send Branch-Wise Application and Admission Review Count email alert at the branch level for default and current academic year for a set frequency.
  4. Send Admission Summary email alerts for an academic year at the branch level.
  5. Set an email alert for Cheques to be Deposited.
  6. Send Visa and Passport Expiry Alerts to remind timely renewal.

MCB is a trusted platform by thousands of schools for school community engagement. This reliable module for school communication alerts recipients namely students, parents, guardians, staff/non-teaching staff, and school admin. To invest in an efficient School Management Software that is integrated with Email Alerts System.