Doubt Clarifier Software

Doubts are doubtlessly very common for every student. Identifying the doubt of every student is likewise doubtlessly the responsibility of a Teacher. Undoubtedly, MCB Doubts Clarifier is a powerful solution to fill those gaps in the learning process.


Doubt Clarifier Features

Support Beyond Classroom

A doubt is a mental block and students often get stuck there! MCB Doubts Clarifier is readily available solution to the student without any limitations whatsoever. There are so many ways teacher can support the student anytime, anywhere with our innovative tool.

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Using AI to solve doubts

MCB has made it possible to use AI technology in answering students doubts. The student can now just take a snap with our built-in feature and upload their doubt to the app. The student doubts can be from the text-book or notes, our application instantly identifies and provides a pre-defined relevant solution to clarify the doubt.

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No Ignored Doubts

Our platform encourages students to be inquisitive and exercise their thinking abilities. Let your students post their doubts in the App and let their teacher know. The teacher gets to know who raised the doubt, how many students have similar doubts and can plan appropriate ways to address. No doubt is now ignored!

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When in Doubt…just chat!

Doubts make a student restless and when in doubt the progress is very negligible. With MCB Doubts Clarifier the student need not get stressed-out and search on the web which further increases their ambiguity. Our platform has the option of chatting with a teacher or a credible resource to clarify their doubts. All that students need to do is just chat and get answers.

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Explainer Video Solution

MCB Doubts Clarifier has a powerful feature of mapping teacher-delivered videos to a specific topic, just in case the student has any doubt, the application automatically suggests a video either by their subject teacher or a credible resource. This is a great relief to student and teacher.

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Live Video Conferencing

MCB Doubts Clarifier is a powerful tool that bridges the time-gap. The teacher can interact live with the student, scheduling a video conference, sending out notification and start taking a session beyond classroom whenever a doubt is posted and support students learning.

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Teacher Assistant Tool

Many teachers, often, would like to take time to stop and check whether students have grasped what has been explained in the class. When a student has a doubt it would mean that he/she is unsure or has not understood something. MCB Doubts clarifier lets the teacher know what doubts are raised and plan their approach appropriately in the classroom.

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Accumulate Knowledge, not Doubts!

Not every student is confident to express their doubts in the classroom and quite often students keep accumulating doubts. MCB Doubts Clarifier encourages students to raise their voice and let the teacher know what are their learning challenges without hesitation and seek teacher support just in-time.

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Repository of Doubts

Teachers may not have time to answer students doubts in the class or after the class and this could demotivate the students. Your school can now build a repository of frequently asked and most common doubts with MCB Learning App. This enables your teachers to re-visit their teaching strategy and assess what is working for their class of students. You can also build a solution bank to instantly help your students whenever and wherever they are.

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Reason & Evidence

Students need answers based on their reason and try to see the evidence. The evidence criteria for every doubt may vary but your approach is empowered by MCB Learning to engage students in task-based learning encouraging them to interact, use their cognitive abilities and question to become autonomous learners over-time.

Power of Solutions

When in doubt students tend to lean on their friends which leads to planting a seed in others too! Only the teacher can stop this chain reaction deciding the best possible means of clarifying the doubts either by uploading a text document, image, graph sheet, infographic, concept map or a explainer video. All these can be mapped upfront to a specific topic which enables creating a bank of solutions.

Increase Student-Teacher Performance

Educating the young minds is the core objective of every school and not just showing results! By enabling them to use a platform to be connected in the class & off the class is a best way to transform learning. MCB Doubts Clarifier unravels several other benefits besides just answering doubts.

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Productive Classroom Discussions

By unlocking the rich-features of MCB Learning, like Content-bank, Question bank and Doubts clarifier, your school can now engage students and teachers in practical discussions creating a learning environment that brings about more ideas, thoughts and obviously doubts. Create a forum or conduct a poll or just assign a task to actively engage students to reflect on classroom learning.

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Gift of Curiosity

The school can cultivate the habit of self-learning by keeping the fire of curiosity sparking in the student. MCB Doubts Clarifier makes it easy for students to ask a question anytime and be assured of getting a solution. Students get motivated to take action & stick to their learning-plan. Give that confidence to student and parent round the clock.

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Enhance Creativity

Students who demonstrate inquisitiveness and curiosity have tremendous potential to be more creative. MCB Doubts Clarifier is a platform where the students can not only ask a doubt but also express their thoughts, ideas, and reflections on a specific topic quite independently letting their teachers and parents know the higher order thinking abilities. A unique feature that helps teachers to identify extraordinary talent in the class.

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Build Reliability

Give that reliability to students that their teacher is ready to answer their queries. In being available to student on MCB Learning not only you build reliability but also boost students motivation and keeps them on track.