MCB’s Discipline tool is here to improve student behaviour and transform school culture Tracking and Reporting Pupil Behavior


Student Discipline

Discipline module eases the challenging and time-consuming task of tracking student conduct and helps promote discipline by ensuring that they are held accountable for their behaviour. Educators can record, track and report general and anti-bullying disciplinary incidents, maintain discipline records, warnings, notify parents and generate reports. Ideal for institutions of all sizes and grade levels. Discipline software is packed with highlights that benefit you to manage discipline-related duties efficiently. MCB’s robust anti-bullying software helps you with accurate reporting to assist your school to adhere to disciplinary mandates.

Key Features

Document General Discipline Incidents

Log disciplinary incidents to record the most common student infractions.

Record information such as: 1. Detention attendance 2. Dress code violation 3. Staff remarks 4. Undertaken follow-up actions 5. Notifications to parents

Analysis and Report Writing.

Fetch and evaluate your general discipline data using any of the following criteria:

1. Nature of incident 2. Date and time 3. Student name 4. Grade level 5. Follow-up actions 6. Consequences as per the number of infractions


1. Comprehensive Documentation - Efficiently document disciplinary actions with the complete information you require to record.

2. Instant Access - Observe and record discipline data using MCB Smart School application on your mobile device from wherever, whenever. Access any pupil's entire disciplinary archives when communicating with parents. 3. Follow-up Action - Track follow-up actions pupils have served or are pending for single/multiple occurrences. 4. Generate Reports - Generate customised reports with multiple discipline actions. Also, generate a statistical report of discipline data to track recurrences. 5. Notify Parents and Staff - Send student disciplinary marks, remarks and details reports to report incidents to parents. Securely enable discipline data access to parents and staff online with MCB portal.

Compile the data as

1. Student Discipline Summary Marks Count 2. Student Discipline Marks by Staff 3. Student Discipline Detailed Marks

4. Student Discipline Marks by Category 5. Discipline Remarks Report 6. Discipline Details Report

Track Anti Bullying

Equip your school staff with an overview of the incidents of bullying and other safety concerns. Consistently track bullying Incidents
on your MCB app. Reduced mental load as everything is documented giving you more time to focus on the students rather than remembering the details.
Enable administrators to act before circumstances escalate. Add supporting testimony to help strengthen investigation. Reduce inaccurate reporting with a pre-screening inquiry.

Help students and parents understand when a situation can be considered as bullying.
Configure reporting form, inquiry steps and questions as per your requirement. Record every minute detail
of the incident including nature of the behaviour, motive, date and time, demographic data of persons (students and staff) involved, location of the incident and more.

Toss away files and paper books as you can now access important data 24/7.
Quickly access all the needed information when incidents get escalated. Send most commonly used form letters and responses via emails with just one-touch.