Content Bank Software

MCB Smartschool brings a powerful content bank solution that offers all-round functionality with intuitive learning approach helping you in re-defining learning requirements. It integrates technology into your classroom bridging gaps in learning. With our Content Bank solution, the student-teacher relationship fosters beyond imagination.


Content Bank Features

Create Lessons in Minutes

It requires a great deal of planning, strategy, time and resources from schools of all size to produce optimum results. Now you reduce lot of time & efforts of your teachers by empowering them to specialize & focus on creating dynamic lessons that transform classroom teaching using MCB Learning

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Smart Designing Sensible Teaching

Put your concepts into action! Produce lessons simply by inserting your existing teaching material (pdfs, jpegs, ppts) and add interactive options that support interaction with your student in a period of time using Infographics, 3D Objects, Virtual Field journeys, Interactive Maps, Quiz, Polls, Queries and far more!

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Share, Organize & Monitor

MCB Learning unleashes most potential of your teachers and students as it unlocks feature-rich Content Bank. Your teachers will be able to share the lessons, organize and monitor learner participation.

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Get, Set & Teach

MCB brings an easy and effective approach to bring interactive lessons into your classroom and conjointly engage beyond the classroom hours. Look at the way it works: Map content as per your learning desires, transfer to our LMS, set timelines or schedules and teach the lesson in your classroom.

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Enable 100% student Participation

MCB creates an inclusive and immersive learning experience by allowing students to actively participate in every lesson, giving them a voice to share feedback & reviews on the content. Now you know what is working and what is the future course of action.

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Explore, Notice & Deploy

Our MCB curated repository has best resources obtainable on-line without leading you to feel the strain of search and screening. Your teachers will simply choose from available resources, map to a selected grade, chapter, lesson & concept to build an absolute tailored solution which can be easily deployed.

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Network along with your students

Create a network with your students and interact with them in a seamless platform to assess responses, reviews on content, post session reports, get meaningful insights, and use your classroom time for involving students in productive discussions.

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Centralize your Assets

There are several free resources online which can be readily used but the task of centralizing them is a herculean task. MCB will empower your teachers to pick & choose learning assets ranging from documents, virtual field trips, simulations, videos and so on, all at one place in your anytime accessible content bank.

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Tap into Power of Technology

MCB Learning prepares students to use technology effectively, safely & appropriately and makes technology integration simple for each teacher. Our Content Bank Solution helps you integrate interactive activities and media without having to leave the our application. MCB brings technology, content, teachers, students and parents together.

Customize from Curated Resources

Our technology supports in pooling resources from effective and popular open sources to build a content wealthy repository. It helps you to get instant access to decide on and customise your lessons by grade, subject or topic. Break-free from limitations and revel in absolute freedom to research endless potentialities.

MCB Premium Content

MCB Learning brings you the opportunity to select and start using premium paid content from some of the best industry leaders with easy purchase plans. You have the option of deploying the content for entire school for all grades and parents equally have an option to subscribe for their children.

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Collaborate with Academic Partners

Now you can open up to collaborate and start using content created by best educators. Teachers can download, customise any lesson to suit your studentsí needs, map resources, synchronize and control lessons across all student devices.

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Customize & Buy

The school or the parent has the flexibility to buy content only that they want for their students. This increases your options to carefully choose what is more appropriate for your students and how your students would get benefited.

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Empower each teacher to reach every learner

With MCB Premium Content, you can provide teachers with expert-derived, experience-rich, and tech-enhanced resources to maximise the impact of their classroom interventions.

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Supplemental Curriculum

MCB Content Bank brings to you not just academic curriculum based subjects & topics but also some of the industry-best supplemental curriculum that enables bridging the opportunity gap by giving access and expanding experiences beyond the school to coach students in Life Skills, Behavioural Competencies, Future-ready skills and much more!

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Plan ahead with Confidence

Powered by MCB Content Bank, you have multiple options at your finger-tips, to plan ahead with confidence. Teachers can pick & choose suitable content, create & map resources that they wish to add and simply share it along with your subject. Communicate using built-in alerts and gain insights into student learning activity, even if the students are away from the classroom!

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Assign Work & Tag Resources

With a vast content bank available, your teachers can easily assign home/class work and tag resources to be used by the students. Students can complete their tasks, update in the app and let their teacher know in case they run into any challenges.

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Student Activity Reports

With MCB Learning you can now view elaborated reports of student engagement and activity. Teachers, instructors and admins can easily monitor the student's activity remotely via MCB Learning App which gives you reliable classroom experience happening beyond the class. Teachers will also be able to identify which resources are popularly used and enable your teachers to continuously evolve by creating effective content.

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Bring Accountability & Ownership

Allow your students to access info, ideas, and interactions with MCB Learning. Support and enhance their intelligence-making, that is central to make them accountable and support the process of taking ownership of their knowledge.

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Maximize Student Engagement

Create digital lessons that have high rate of engagement over other formats. Teachers can deploy lessons whenever and wherever they are breaking boundaries. Students can access lessons, watch videos, simulations and much more to understand a concept using multi-model learning that expands their world bringing endless possibilities.

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Live Dashboarding & Reports

Teachers and Parents can get statistics of time spent by student, their activity, used resources, and monitor their progress as you keep supporting every individual student with the most appropriate content best suited for them.

Unlock More Advantages

MCB Learning unlocks several advantages to your students, Teachers, Parents and to the School Management by being your trusted technology partner in Education