Welcome to MyClassboard’s Calendar Module, where organization meets efficiency. Keep track of important events, exams, and birthdays effortlessly with our comprehensive calendar features.

Remote access: Stay updated on school-wide events, holidays, and important dates with the centralized school calendar.

Staff Event Calendar: Coordinate staff meetings, workshops, and events seamlessly with the staff event calendar.

Staff Birthday Calendar: Celebrate staff birthdays and milestones by keeping track of birthdays on the dedicated staff birthday calendar.

Exam Calendar: Manage exam schedules and timelines efficiently with the exam calendar, ensuring smooth conduct and administration of exams.

Birthday Calendar: Never miss a student’s birthday again track student birthdays and send well-wishes with the integrated birthday calendar.

Student Birthday Calendar: Keep track of student birthdays and celebrate special occasions with the student birthday calendar.

Event Management: Access a centralized platform to view and manage all school events, ensuring clarity and coordination among staff, students, and parents.

Calendar Integration: Seamlessly integrate event schedules with your calendar, allowing for easy access and reminders about upcoming events and non-instructional days.

Customizable Alerts: Receive customizable alerts and notifications about non-instructional days and other important events, ensuring you never miss out on important information.

Non-Instructional Days Information: Access detailed information about non-instructional days, including dates, reasons, and any associated activities or schedules.

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