Accomplish Computing and Data Crunching with MCB's Comprehensive Analysis

Perform intelligent analysis with MCB's Gradebook software. Exhaustive reporting in various formats with respect to classes, teachers, terms examinations and more.

Comprehensive Analysis

MCB’s Gradebook software accomplishes computing and crunching the data presenting information for intelligent analysis. Reports are generated in multiple formats, specifically for classes, teachers, subjects, examination plus evaluation types, term, rank, grades, GPA, branch and other relative indicators for comparative performance charts and extensive reporting.

Teacher Performance Evaluation

The teacher-sensitive evaluation report assists in analysing teacher’s performance during the academic year based on respective sections’ test scores, ensuring consistency of results. These analytical inputs assist them to focus on a multitude of dimensions.

Accurate Reporting

MCB Gradebook software facilitates an exhaustive reporting procedure to be smooth and effective with our reliable, accurate and advanced reporting features.

Teacher Performance Reports

We all need feedback that keeps us moving onward and upward. Likewise, a teacher is always in need of constructive feedback for numerous performance parameters of education. MCB Gradebook helps school management and teachers alike to produce several reports on various parameters that speak volumes about a teacher’s performance. Evaluation and printing of teachers’ performance report cards can also be used as an instrument to encourage changes to teachers’ teaching methods and standards.

Co-scholastic Analysis Report

Get brilliant insights on various parameters and metrics of co-scholastic education. These in-depth analysis reports can be generated and shared instantly for significant performance assessment of both students and teachers.

Student Progress Report

A student’s strengths, areas of development, conduct patterns, levels of involvement and other important aspects of student involvement are taken into consideration by the teacher. This efficient student reporting feature provides invaluable insights to assist student performance and provide positive feedback.

Classroom Reporting

Get accurate insights into the performance of an entire class of students and focus on individual concerning fields like attendance, academics and more. This feature equips the teacher with a ‘helicopter-vision’ of the entire class.

Green Sheet

A digitised version of report cards empowers teachers to produce a further in-depth analysis of the general class results and other conclusions. School reports and additional statistical data is protected with encryption standards.

Year Wise Student Performance

A teacher can share Year Wise Student Performance Report with the parents covering their ward’s educational achievements as well as the overall progress in the year-end consolidated report.