A day of special remembrance at MyClassboard: Blood donation drive & Iftar party 2022

MCB Iftar & blood donation drive

A day of special remembrance at MyClassboard: Blood donation drive & Iftar party 2022 The day of 21 April 2022 was of particular significance at MyClassboard. The day marked the 64th Jayanti of Late Sri Sakhamuri Suri Babu Garu. Notable activities were planned to remember his 64th Jayanti, inspired by his life’s philanthropic activities for […]

Learn Why General Knowledge Plays a Crucial Role In Student Progress

Today, general knowledge pays an important role in defining one’s growth and success. The key, no matter what we choose to do in life, is to learn and gain more knowledge in different fields. One needs to go beyond academics to excel in different areas. A child’s success depends on how much he or she […]

Online Assessments to Keep Students’ Progress In Check

During these uncertain times, schools can take assessments online with Online Assessment tool. Online Assessment tool enables schools to find out whether the students are making the most out of their learning. Assessments significantly help in gauging students’ knowledge and improvising teaching methods for enhanced student learning. The assessment tool is the systematic process of […]

How MCB is Helping to Make Distance Learning Seamless

MCB is committed to educators just as educators are committed to students. We are here to help schools ensure every child continues to have access to the quality education they deserve while staying in and keeping safe. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the best providers to ensure that your school […]

How the Pandemic has Transformed Education System

COVID-19 has impacted every sector around the world. The education sectors of India, just as across the world, are severely affected by the same. The year 2020 shall always be remembered as one of the most difficult times in history when schools, colleges and educational institutes across the world were shut down. The education sector […]

Core Reason for Why WhatsApp Should be Considered for School-Parent Communication

Two-way communication is key between parents and teachers, a reciprocal relationship between the parents and the educational establishment, with regard to school details, student progress and the educational process. Parental involvement in their children’s education occurs in a positive manner when there is continuous and effective communication between the parents and the teachers. Communication acts […]

Top 3 Virtual Conferencing Options to Keep the Learning Going

During this mandatory school closure, MyClassboard is supporting educational institutions to continue educating students and accomplish curriculum completion through distance format. We aim to minimise disruption through Online Classes and resources to ensure access to quality education. Schools have their unique preferences towards selecting a video conferencing platform for their community. Here’s the list of […]

Top 8 Benefits of Online Assessments

Purpose of an assessment is to monitor student learning, improve course efficiency, and enhance teaching and witness student progress. Educational institutions are devoted to instiling learning and knowledge. Assessments play an important role in gauging how efficiently learners are receiving this knowledge imparted by instructors. It gives them an accurate understanding of where they stand […]