Record Student Anecdotes and Cater to Student's Overall Development

With MCB's Anecdotes and Badges, teachers can efficiently pay attention and record students' unique observations based on their behaviour, skills, attitude and other areas for improvement for parents' review.

Anecdotes and Badges

  1. Anecdotes feature efficiently records teacher’s observations for an entire class or an individual student’s behaviour, skills, attitudes and other areas of improvement against the anecdote categories. The details of anecdotes recorded for the student(s) by various teachers are available here.
  2. Record observations for individuals, selected or all students in a class. Allocate points to add or deduct for positive and negative anecdote categories respectively. Upload or choose badges from the gallery and generate a certificate for all positive anecdotes.
  3. Generate a comprehensive report for the respective academic year with points gained, deducted and the average score along with the badges recorded on different dates. Share the anecdote details over SMS and Email as and when a teacher records it. School admin can generate exhaustive category and section-wise reports.