Admission Users

Admission processing tool


Front office staff has the capability to process enquiry and registration forms for the purpose of processing admissions into the institute. Parents can approach them and purchase the registration forms and get their child’s admission processed.

App for school administration App for school administration


Your front office executives and accountants can quickly and easily keep track of all the enquiries and registrations made regarding admissions either via walk-in or by online or by phone in a single location and action them in the most efficient manner to get maximum admissions.

App for school accountant App for school accountant
Accountant management tool
Admission management tool


Day-wise reporting of all the enquiries and registrations are collated and can be generated by the central admission officer.

App for school administration officer App for school administration officer


The administration of the institute has a dashboard access to the entire tool and can pull up reports at any time pertaining to enquiries or registrations or admissions. They can also make customized reports by using various parameters included in the tool like reports based on geo-location or sources, etc. This will help you to make the admissions process both effective and streamlined.

App for school administration App for school administration
School Admissions
Student registrations


This is an add-on service provided by MyClassboard, if your school employs any public relation officers during the time of admissions then these PRO’s also can be provided with logins for updating the details of the areas they have covered.

App for student registrations App for student registrations

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