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No matter how good we are at what we do, we constantly need feedback pumped-in every moment from all directions for achieving excellence. Myclassboard adds another revolutionary Smartschool app & web-based solution to handle all your concerns in an absolutely concern-less interactive school management software package.

A Concern is a sign to see an opportunity to implement your service improvement plan

Concerns Features

Prompt Concern Addressal Platform

How ever experienced we are, we still are obliged to handle every concern from time to time. MCB Smartschool app does all the smart work for handling range of minor to major school education concerns, facilitating prompt service with highest standards of excellence.

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Structured Categorization

Our MCB Concerns Solution can be used for raising different categories of concerns in a structured service request handling process across levels for speed addressal and resolution. The interface allows you to completely customize & assign proper authority to handle each class of concern.

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Easy to use interface

The platform is an easy to use interface for students, staff, parents, or even members of the public. They could be about students, teaching or non-teaching staff, the board, your school policies, or school events or anything that concerns someone concerned to you. The power of our solution is its rich user experience to raise, handle, manage or escalate any concern.

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Proper Escalation Levels

One school principal suggests that you "deal with the concern at the lowest level possible. An escalated concern is like a hurricane; the more emotional the heat, the more ferocious it becomes."

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Speedy Resolution

All types of concerns have an assigned authority to escalate for concerned individual satisfaction. Concerns may escalate rapidly unless they are well managed. MCB SmartSchool solution offers end-to end concern management process for timely resolution.

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Easy to print interface

Every report that you might need for documentation can be printed easily from the app or web-based interface. This feature allows you to centralize all of your school reports on the cloud technology accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere!

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Timely Dashboarding

At MCB we are keen to help you deal with issues while they are small, simmering issues, rather than deal with them when they have been happening for some time and become potential threats in customer relationship. You can generate reports for analysing various aspects pertaining to the nature of business concerns and plan a strategic action-plan.

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Tech-enabled Process Automation

MCB Smart School Solution is helping academic institutions in transforming schools in using high tech-enabled process automation tools to support the academic and administrative processes with great ease.

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Raise Your Concerns

The interface provides a lot of freedom to group different types of concerns into categories & provide clear description like Academic, Non-academic, Transport and General for ease of parents to raise specific concerns.

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Assign Organization Level

Now you can assign a specific person to handle a specific category/type of concern there by following your organizational architecture of hierarchy across various departments.

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Prompt Notification for Follow Through

As and when a parent raises a concern, an email notification is received by the class teacher and person assigned at the branch-level. The parents also receive notification when the concern is answered, and also of the status of the concern and definitely express their satisfaction level on concern resolution.

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Auto Escalation

If any open concern is unattended for specific number of days then this concern will be automatically escalated to the next level for resolving the concern. This feature ensures that there is no unaddressed concern in the system.

Parent concerns

Every parent is concerned about their child’s academic progress, administration and fee related issues and expect to get their concerns handled properly. MCB Concern Solution makes it easy for assigning types & class for effective implementation of your own hierarchical flow to deal with the concern based on its structure under different designation levels.

Staff Concerns

Bringing together total collaboration between internal and external stake-holders to achieve the mission & objectives of any School is a greater challenge for the school management.
Mysmartboard adds a rich feature to handle all your Staff concerns using a powerful interface.

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Boosts Employee Engagement

Every employee feels it important to raise their concerns but often ends up propagating it around the campus. MCB brings to you a solution to avoid internal concerns hampering your smooth functioning. It helps in increasing employee motivation levels and engagement in the process.

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Assign Concern In-charges

Staff concerns are handled by the Principal, Owner assigned at the branch level and system admin. All of them can attend and close the concerns. There are no levels to it and the concerns are handled accordingly by the relevant in charge.

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Note every Concern

It is of great importance to take note of every staff concern to get vital operational inputs to assess performance, involvement, resistance and attitudinal changes. All staff related concerns can be raised by the respective staff from their login or school admin on behalf of the staff member from the search feature of the Staff Page. And you can also map the type of concern to respective category.

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Classify for Analysis

Each category of concern has further classification for grouping the concerns to generate analytical data. All this data helps the management in taking key decisions to plan course correction measures. Our staff concern mechanism will support the school management in assessing change resistance to new policies or latest implementations from staff of all departments of the school.

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Assign Proper Responsibility

Empower your Head of the Department with an option to select the concern type, provide the description and assign organization level having responsibility with the concern. A person designated to the type of Department can raise the concern. An email notification is received stating the concern to the designated person of a particular Department.

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Categorize Requirements

One of the predominant concerns of any department in the school could be shortage of material resources. MCB Concerns Solution helps you categorize all those service requests & indents such as Enquiry & Admissions, Marketing & Branding, Transport, House-keeping, Academics, Ancillary services, HR related, Payroll related, Maintenance, Accounts & Finance related, Technology related and so on.

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Timely Indenting

Now you can establish proper indenting process for timely supply of school administrative resources. The entire process of raising requests, approvals can be centralized by assigning levels of clearance at organization level.

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Channelize Work-flow

If the work -flow to handle the concerns is not defined, the principal of the branch and system admin user will have access to act on the concern.
If the work- flow to handle the concern is defined, the concerns will be handled by the users assigned at different levels. The users (except the highest-level user) at their respective levels will be able to write the remarks and forward the concern to the next level. The user assigned at the highest level will have access to close the concern.

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Optimize Material Usage

By raising all material requests from MCB Smartschool interface you can get real-time status of material utilization pattern & trends which enables in getting valuable statistical data for budgetary planning, cash-flow and many more.

Inter office Concerns

This powerful feature enables total inter-office collaboration by establishing a structured information flow and addressal of operational needs of the school.

TC Requests

The parent can raise a TC request from the parent app or webpage by choosing the appropriate reason and providing description.

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Handle with Information

The TC Request feature helps the School Counsellor to have all the required information, analyse the situation and speak or counsel the Parents.

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Assess the Situation

The TC Requests feature helps the School Management to immediately identify reasons for concern and analyse different types of concerns such as not satisfied with the school, changing location, fee related or something that bothers the parents.

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Address the Reason for Concern

It is of prime importance to any school to know the reason for raising a TC Request. Our application allows you to customize and categorize the reason by also providing a description. This enables the management to address the reason of concern in a more planned & structured procedure.

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Increase Retention & Satisfaction

Our interface helps you build a positive relationship with your parents in a more professional manner. MCB empowers you to assure with confidence to address every concern of the parents thus increasing your retention levels and service satisfaction standards.

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Measure Service Standards

If the parent or any individual who raised the concern is satisfied with the response, they can close the concern by responding giving a satisfactory ‘yes’!. However, if the concerned individual is ‘not satisfied’ with the response, they can keep the ticket open giving their reasons & explanation to escalate the concern.

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Everyday Reporting

The MCB Smartschool application ensures that all the assigned authorities at organizational level will receive a mail every morning for quick status on open, In-process, closed concerns and pending escalations at various levels in the past 30 days.

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Consolidated Report

Consolidated reports can be obtained for the last 7 days, last 30 days, till date or a date range. Consolidated parent concern report involves the details including: Branch name, Principal name, Total students, Open, In process, Closed, Reopen, Total tickets , Solved , Attendance etc.,

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Detailed Reporting

In the detailed report, the user can select the specific category and the relevant concern type for a particular period such as last 7 days, last 30 days, till date or specify a date range. For example, concerns under Academic matters can be obtained which contain the following: Branch name, Academic matters, Open, In-process, Closed, Reopen, Total tickets, Parent satisfaction, Escalated tickets, Average days to resolve, Parent satisfaction etc.,

Concerns Dashboard

MCB Smartschool’s anytime accessible concerns dashboard ensures smooth operations by providing real-time status & reports of various types of concerns at different levels across the organization.