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Central Board of Education is one of its kind edu-system which in true indian-originated. This is peculiar education system is not only one the best but also has one of the most complicated grading system is which constantly remodeled.
To keep in force and train the staff every time when there’s change in curriculum and assessment methodology is a tiresome.

So There come MyClassboard to meet all those challenges to make your workplace more comfortable and let you staff concrete on their class work.

We solve in for :

  • Maintaining cce data records
  • Track of the marks obtained by each student in every single Formative Assessment activity
  • Generating termly and yearly results
  • Co-scholastic grading for each student.

We solve all this, to would reduce the workload of teachers, helps minimize errors and let them focus on their core activity - Teaching.
MyClassboard can do all this and more as per your requirement.

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