About Us

MyClassboard is an Online School Management administrative software for schools that automates the entire process of running their institution. It offers an interactive, real-time medium to execute the functions of the institution. Be it a small school, college with thousands of students, university or a group of institutions located in multiple cities, MyClassboard gives you the capability of conveniently managing all operations. It integrates all the processes, departments, and functions of an institution by consolidating information on a central server, making the functioning more organized and streamlined, thus ensuring an increase in efficiency due to enhanced productivity. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, MyClassboard gives institutions access to all the data of their institution at anytime, anyplace. Powerful reporting and analysis features coupled with a communication suite that is integrated throughout the tool formidably support your everyday functions.

Based out of Hyderabad, India, MyClassBoard was established in 2008. Our portfolio of work deals majorly with education and our experience in catering to this sector is where our strength lies. In our customers' eyes, MyClassBoard stands for value for money, quality, innovation and delivery. Our dedicated teams of specialists work passionately to transform the way our clients leverage of our tools. Our educational products assist more than one million students and educators.

we Introduce ourselves as a very young and dynamic company offering total and cost effective solutions at prompt schedule. Myclassboard is a company which is powered by new ideas and driven by innovations.
Myclassboard is a cloud computing software firm based in India which is established in 2008 focused on providing outsourced product development service for educational institutes that are looking for strong development partner.
we have always placed Quality over quantity , mind over machine and unity over uni-opinion.
It is remarkable experience in serving -offering for the education Industry since its inception starting from basics school management system to mission critical enterprise system for higher education & universities.
Online website catering for the academic and non academic requirements of students , teachers, parents & school .Our constant endeavor is to come up with novel product which makes key difference to the status quo . Software product efficiently tracks the details of your school student past , future & current fee billing /payment collection receipts.

Our Vision: is to be partners in the success of entrepreneurs with great ideas and help in translating them into world class IT products.

Our Strength & Advantages
  • High Quality of product at moderate prices
  • Strict maintenance of confidentiality of Information
  • We offer quality not only in form of product but more than what you needed.
  • Feel the difference of modern computing injected in software to save your valuable time
  • worthful features enabled to flow the data in an efficient manner as per your command
  • Trouble fee accounts management of fees collection, academic and staff management process makes you feel the comfort
  • Controls the fee collection operations with minimal manpower (Single staff) & with hassle free, paper less management
Our Values
  • Long term Relationship
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Team work
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Pursuit of Excellence in Quality & Business
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